“Inventing Anna” - new limited series on Netflix looks phenomenal! (2023)

Omg. This is gonna be MUST SEE TV!!! Gurls, I think we are gonna be loving this one!

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by Anonymousreply 367August 15, 2022 11:25 PM

It does look good, even if it is from frau catnip purveyor Shonda Rhimes.

by Anonymousreply 1January 16, 2022 11:02 PM

[quote] Omg.

Dyatlov right?

by Anonymousreply 2January 16, 2022 11:02 PM

Since they're being upfront about not following the facts of the case, I'm not interested. And this being a Shonda Rhimes production, they've probably turned Anna into a carpet-muncher and her con artistry into a feminist achievement, though in real life Anna overwhelmingly preyed on women.

by Anonymousreply 3January 16, 2022 11:15 PM

It's amazing how stupid and gullible rich people can be.

by Anonymousreply 4January 16, 2022 11:51 PM

[quote]her con artistry into a feminist achievement~

I hadn't even watched the trailer when I said that, but sure enough, there it is at the 1:55 -- "men do worse things than what I did".

It looks bad in other senses, too. For starters, what is even that voice? I don't know what Anna sounds like, but the book that friend of hers wrote about the case says Anna has a "pan-European" accent. Anna was clearly not a local. In the trailer, however, she has this incredibly ugly, nasal, vocal fry that foreign women don't possess. Her sociopathic glibness is replaced with rich girl brattiness, and she's given to outbursts of self-praise as if she was a black hip-hop star, even though people who knew said her entitlement appeared in her gestures; in her statements, she tended to downplay it. They could have made her interesting, a study on subtle, non-violent amorality under an exotic European cloak, but instead they gave us another loud-mouth all-American girl boss.

by Anonymousreply 5January 17, 2022 12:05 AM

I don't know... Shondaland requires total obedience, no matter what she does, and she pretty much does whatever she likes. I think it'll be crap.

by Anonymousreply 6January 17, 2022 12:10 AM

I want to see it because James Cusati-Moyer is in it. Period.

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by Anonymousreply 7January 17, 2022 12:27 AM

It looks lame.

by Anonymousreply 8January 17, 2022 12:48 AM

This is a very entertaining NF mini-series, very rare thing. I truly enjoyed it. The actress who played Anna Delvey was spectacular.

by Anonymousreply 9February 11, 2022 2:27 PM

Anna Chlumsky is giving me lee remick/ Keri Russell vibes. Good show.

by Anonymousreply 10February 11, 2022 8:33 PM

I'm going to give it a chance. Thanks.

by Anonymousreply 11February 11, 2022 9:29 PM

The Atlantic gave it a pretty meh review.

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by Anonymousreply 12February 11, 2022 9:42 PM

OK, gurls, I am going to take one for the team and start watching it now. I've just smoked a bowl, I listened to the book by the girl she swindled on audible in 2019 and I know the story. I'll report back.

by Anonymousreply 13February 12, 2022 12:31 AM

If Shonda bought the rights from New York Magazine why are they calling the magazine Manhattan Magazine?

by Anonymousreply 14February 12, 2022 12:43 AM

Anders Holmes is very attractive, but he can’t act his way out of a paper bag and relies on a circulating rotation of about four facial expressions. How does he still get work?

by Anonymousreply 15February 12, 2022 12:47 AM

The trailer was a disappointment. Julia Garner who should be great casting seems bizarre. The voice is so off putting. And the. There is Laverne Cox overacting like hell.

by Anonymousreply 16February 12, 2022 12:49 AM

Looks like shit.

by Anonymousreply 17February 12, 2022 12:52 AM

Why does EVERY show have to have a murder wall sequence now days, even if there isn’t a murder?

by Anonymousreply 18February 12, 2022 12:53 AM

Anna's accent sounds like a mix of fake Irish, Russian and American vocal fry. It's fucked up

by Anonymousreply 19February 12, 2022 5:57 AM

I tried to watch it and aborted after the second episode. I don't understand why the focus is on the reporter and not on Anna. I don't care about the reporter, who is very unlikable. I then went to Rotten Tomatoes to see if this was going to be more of the same. It got a 60% Fresh, which is basically rotten by all the top reviewers, and it got a 29% audience score - And Just Like That level scores. I actually like Anna, I perked up the 20 minutes or so of screen time she gets, but I can't with the reporter.

by Anonymousreply 20February 12, 2022 6:03 AM

Ruth is fucking crazy. I hope they don’t keep her doing cameos and have My Girl play all the scenes with Laverne Fucking Cox shitting up the screen as well!

by Anonymousreply 21February 12, 2022 6:12 AM

Jesus this is depressing. This story when it broke basically made a whole week of my summer in 2017!

The fact that the tv telling of the story is a piece of shit is such a bummer.

by Anonymousreply 22February 12, 2022 6:25 AM

Well I must have shit taste because I'm loving it so far. And I have a huge crush on James Cusati-Moyer now.

by Anonymousreply 23February 12, 2022 7:26 AM

I'm enjoying it. Fuck Atlantic.com. Every other article is by a Brooklyn parent screaming because his crotchfruit can't handle remote education.

It's a little annoying that in episode four, the tone changes. We're supposed to root for Anna to get her bullshit club together because this little girl fooled all these money men. Except she didn't. I would hate to see the little rat face be elevated into a plucky heroine. I find her disgusting and wish she had served out the full sentence.

by Anonymousreply 24February 12, 2022 4:12 PM

It’s an interesting story, but all fucked up with cheesy poly devices that don’t come together.

Some of these characters are so irritating and preachy. I can’t really tell if I hate the acting or the writing more. Maybe both equally. Poor Laverne Cox’s lines came straight off a corny menstrual calendar of “feel goodisms”, just awful.

by Anonymousreply 25February 12, 2022 4:33 PM

The Guardian loved it for some reasons.

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by Anonymousreply 26February 12, 2022 4:42 PM

There is an interview with Anna Nicole by Jackie Collins on YouTube. Anna isn’t slurring and it’s the most Lucid I’ve ever seen her. Can’t wait for this

by Anonymousreply 27February 12, 2022 4:45 PM

Laverne's character was a life coach, that's why she's spouting psychobabble bullshit all the time.

by Anonymousreply 28February 12, 2022 5:00 PM

How many minutes are devoted to James Cusati-Moyer?

by Anonymousreply 29February 12, 2022 5:05 PM

[quote]I tried to watch it and aborted after the second episode. I don't understand why the focus is on the reporter and not on Anna.

I finished second episode and decided not to watch any more.

The story is intriguing but it's written from the perspective of a convicted criminal and notorious liar. I read the BBC article and didn't want to spend another 7 hours being conned.

The performances are all ok except for Laverne Cox as the sassy best friend who has styled herself on Cheryl Cole in the Call The Shots video.

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by Anonymousreply 30February 12, 2022 5:15 PM

[quote]How many minutes are devoted to James Cusati-Moyer?

About 20 minutes.

by Anonymousreply 31February 12, 2022 5:19 PM

Thank Christ! I thought this was going to be a reality show starring Anna Wintour.

by Anonymousreply 32February 12, 2022 8:29 PM

Julie Garner is excellent as Anna but Clumsky is a horrible access and ruins every scene she's in, which unfortunately is most of them. Saamer Usmani is hot as fuck so good enough reason to watch.

by Anonymousreply 33February 12, 2022 9:12 PM

I wish it had been a real documentary rather than a Shondaland production.

by Anonymousreply 34February 12, 2022 9:17 PM

What R20 said. It’s outrageous how much of the boring frau writer we are forced to see. Wtf. Anna Chlumsky is grating as hell.

Same goes for the lawyer.

Shonda is a hack.

by Anonymousreply 35February 12, 2022 10:01 PM

I find this story strangely uninteresting though I guess the media loves it. She's a sociopath and her victims were very stupid and unsympathetic.

by Anonymousreply 36February 12, 2022 10:46 PM

Is the woman playing the concierge Janelle Monae? If not that bitch stole her look, mannerisms and flat acting.

by Anonymousreply 37February 13, 2022 12:37 AM

Number one on USA Netflix.

by Anonymousreply 38February 13, 2022 12:38 AM

What’s up with concierge girl, she doesn’t seem to understand boundaries of people she’s doing her job around or being interviewed by. Chasing after all these white woman to be friends with?

by Anonymousreply 39February 13, 2022 1:04 AM

It’s a very good two hour film concept, stretched into nine hours of amateurish nonmeat filler. A bundle of awful, creative afterbirth.

Every limp plot device from Lifetime in the early 1990’s, including a pregnancy and childbirth subplot that is so corny that you actually pity the actors. Chlumsky is good, but the director didn’t shape her performance helpfully (first by editing out the bug-eyed rage that wrecked the actress’ work on VEEP). The actor playing the husband is handsome but so inert, actually seems confused and performing for a different project. Why was the husband sitting in the Scriberia office area while Chlumsky wrote the feature? Was that shit meant to be some gimp plot device like she was “delivering” the story like giving birth to it? Is that where the poor writers landed? If so, they should all be taken into care.

The character Rachel is just pitiful, a real homely fuckup, implausibly indignant that her employers want her to settle a bad debt on her corporate charge card (anyone notice a $60k variance on her expense report?).

Poor Laverne Cox needs career insurance, quickly, after this awful performance of an awful character with awful lines like “stand in your power”. That corny nonsense was so badly written and badly acted. The whole mess unfolds like a group home drama club’s semester project, but with good production values underwritten by someone’s wealthy, absent parents.

Several parts feel like they were written for friends who were promised the same number of lines as everyone else. Some scenes (in particular one where Anna’s lawyer yells at her through the jail bars) were so embarrassingly awful that I wanted to cut myself just watching it. At least I cleaned my kitchen and folded my laundry during this mess, and those chores were each way more enriching than this slop. So it’s goodbye to Netflix.

by Anonymousreply 40February 13, 2022 1:08 AM

R36 Completely unsympathetic.

by Anonymousreply 41February 13, 2022 1:22 AM

Also the over-reliance on music and montages - it just feels very dated. I think Julia Garner is great but everyone else is boring AF.

by Anonymousreply 42February 13, 2022 1:25 AM

Julia Garner's accent was distractingly bad. For those types of production values they should have gotten her a linguist /speech coach. If, on the other hand, they did and she was still that bad, then she's got quite a limited range as an actress and won't go far.

The characters who were duped by her were for the most part deserving or annoyingly dumb. I didn't have any empathy at all for them. The plot got too wrapped up in the writer's drama which was completely uninteresting.

The actress who played the writer has horrible skin and she's aging very badly for someone so seemingly young. This was also distracting.

2/5 stars.

by Anonymousreply 43February 13, 2022 2:38 AM

[quote] I hadn't even watched the trailer when I said that, but sure enough, there it is at the 1:55 -- "men do worse things than what I did".

I'm pretty sure she actually said this. I remember reading interviews with her while she was in prison, and she said the most outrageous, entertaining things. I'll try to find the interviews.

by Anonymousreply 44February 13, 2022 2:43 AM

As someone else pointed out, it's pretty much a 2 hour story needlessly stretched into a mini-series. It reminds me of one of those Netflix/HBO true crime miniseries which was originally an hourlong episode of a podcast.

by Anonymousreply 45February 13, 2022 2:54 AM

I think Julia’s accent is purposeful, not that I’ve heard the real person’s voice. She is Russian, but raised in Germany, and I bet the real person had a complicated accent where she’s herself was trying to hide her Russian roots and came up with some unidentifiable accent to throw people off. That’s just my take, I’m not hung up on it one way or the other.

by Anonymousreply 46February 13, 2022 2:59 AM

The real story is more interesting than this drivel. It’s entertaining in a “this is all fiction to me now” way, but a true telling would’ve been fine with 4-5 episodes tops if they absolutely wanted to stretch it out. The only thing that is seemingly 100% accurate is Anna being extremely unlikeable and Nef laughingly pathetic.

by Anonymousreply 47February 13, 2022 3:05 AM

So, did somewhat prominent actor, who has been the lead in multiple series, Chris Lowell, do what amounts to an extended cameo appearance in this series, maybe lured just based on the fact he’d get to go to one of the most exclusive hotel in the world in Morocco during lockdown? I’m assuming that they could only film in the real hotel because of Covid like White Lotus taking over the Four Season in Hawaii.?

by Anonymousreply 48February 13, 2022 3:11 AM

[quote] As someone else pointed out, it's pretty much a 2 hour story needlessly stretched into a mini-series. It reminds me of one of those Netflix/HBO true crime miniseries which was originally an hourlong episode of a podcast.

I always get excited for these series but they always suck for this reason. The only one that will stand the test of time is The Jinx. It was pretty much the first "prestige" true crime drama. The OJ one, the Wisconsin murder one (I can't remember the details) and the Tiger King one were lurid and overlong but not innovative or compelling. It's a shame this one isn't either because this woman is truly interesting.

by Anonymousreply 49February 13, 2022 3:25 AM

Whatever bitches, I don’t know why you all are so hard to please, but I’m on the second episode and I love it.

by Anonymousreply 50February 13, 2022 3:27 AM

I've heard episodes of several podcasts about Anna Delvey, read a few articles on her, including the VF one, and I'm not sure there's much to say about her other than she's a scammer obsessed with living the lifestyle she couldn't afford. If there's something more complex about her backstory and personality, I'm not aware of it and neither does the show provide any additional insight into it. The Morocco episode is probably the most entertaining one but there's little more to that than getting some poor sap to put it on their credit card.

by Anonymousreply 51February 13, 2022 3:34 AM

Stewy from Succession is in this. I could have sworn at one point he was hotter than hell, but I wasn’t feeling it this season on Succession and I’m not feeling it in this show either. Was I wrong? Was he ever hot?

by Anonymousreply 52February 13, 2022 3:50 AM

[quote]I think Julia’s accent is purposeful, not that I’ve heard the real person’s voice. She is Russian, but raised in Germany, and I bet the real person had a complicated accent where she’s herself was trying to hide her Russian roots and came up with some unidentifiable accent to throw people off. That’s just my take, I’m not hung up on it one way or the other.

yeah, but someone with a native Russian and German tinged accent wouldn't sound 1/2 irish and 1/2 American Vocal Fry, alternating between two. She just sounds grating and insipid.

by Anonymousreply 53February 13, 2022 6:23 AM

the accent was a really weird choice but i havent heard her real accent lol. Yes laverne is horrid in this. And i knew i recognized the journalist as my girl! She wasn’t a very pretty kid and she certainly didn’t grow into her looks.

Kind of like “oh women don’t get to try and fuck up, men get to fail upwards” which ok i kind of get but it was too heavy handed. The story is funny though. Is it really that easy to cash bad checks???

by Anonymousreply 54February 13, 2022 7:02 AM

The accent didn’t bother me because the character is a fake so it makes sense to have an obviously fake accent.

by Anonymousreply 55February 13, 2022 7:04 AM

But worldly, upper class jet setters (the ones she duped) should've known better.

by Anonymousreply 56February 13, 2022 7:10 AM

No real diversity. Tons of whites and quite a few blacks . No Hispanics so far in this AND this is fucking New York! The lead is much better in Ozark. Her Natasha accent is so wanting.

by Anonymousreply 57February 13, 2022 7:10 AM

What exactly was Nora & Associates company supposed to do? All she does so far is act rude, shop and claim to help the underprivileged.

by Anonymousreply 58February 13, 2022 7:14 AM

R52 Stewy from Succession somehow aged about 20 years between shooting this and Succession's third season. I'd say he was made to look older but his age has no bearing on the plot here. How the hell has Anna Chlumsky maintained a decent career? She's godawful and tough to look at.

by Anonymousreply 59February 13, 2022 7:31 AM

I’ve watched the first two episodes. HORRIBLE acting and accent on the lead actress’s part. I love her as Ruth, but she’s still Ruth when she’s supposed to be Anna.

Also, the real Anna is an unattractive, fat slob. Not that charming, and not as smart as she thinks she is. She was clearly misrepresented in this series.

by Anonymousreply 60February 13, 2022 7:45 AM


by Anonymousreply 61February 13, 2022 7:48 AM

Julia Garner (Ruth from Ozark) is a real disappointment here. Her acting is all pouty vocal fry and that accent is atrocious. She was in The Americans early in her career and I couldn’t stand her then. Jason Bateman and Laura Linney inspired her to be great on Ozark - and she really is - but I think she’s terrible as Anna.

by Anonymousreply 62February 13, 2022 8:03 AM

I’m thinking I hate Rachel most of all, Vivian second, Kacey third, Neff fourth and Anna last.

by Anonymousreply 63February 13, 2022 8:33 AM

Do ambulances coming from Chateau Marmont naturally take their patients to Cedars-Sinai?

by Anonymousreply 64February 13, 2022 9:03 AM

Possibly, r64. They aren’t that far apart.

by Anonymousreply 65February 13, 2022 10:27 AM

I saw an interview with Anna a long while back. As mentioned upthread, she's Russian but her family moved to Germany when she was a teenager and then she went off to England until coming to the U.S. Her accent is all over the place because she was once all over the place herself but her tonality is monotone and stone cold. That actress is trying with the accent and I dare say Saint Meryl of Streep herself would have had a dayum hard time with it. Jacques Lacan himself would have been befuddled by that Anna.

This whole show is just fantastical nonsense. Who cares? Leave it be. Curl up in bed with some chocolate and just enjoy the joint. It's like one of those t.v. movies from back in the 1980's what for the melodrama and cheesiness. They're in on their own joke with this. I don't mind that Shondra at all but John Waters would have had a field day with this.

Anna Clumsily or whatever her name is has no vanity. She aged horribly and doesn't seem to care. I like that but am annoyed by her.

by Anonymousreply 66February 13, 2022 11:51 AM

I’m just annoyed the writers on this think they are so intrinsically interesting as writers that they are making this pushy pregnant frau a main character. Wtf do I care about some frumpy NY Magazine writer? It’s grating as all hell. We are tuning in for the actual story she was writing ABOUT - not to see her setting up some nursery with her loser husband and going to get ultrasounds and taking a bus to Rikers and fighting with her editor about who assigns stories.

by Anonymousreply 67February 13, 2022 12:11 PM

R67 Exactly. That character, the gruff and dismissive male editor, was some of the more cheaply constructed conflict in this whole mess. That musty old plot linedates back to the 1930’s “Torchy Blane”.

by Anonymousreply 68February 13, 2022 1:03 PM

You can’t possibly be this obtuse, R67. Obviously they wanted to make this a series. They couldn’t have made a series out of just the Anna story (which is actually not all that fascinating, frankly). I also suspect that Shonda Rhimes did not secure the rights to Rachel DeLoach’s story, which closes off a number of storylines that might otherwise have been viable. They had to fill the gap somewhere, so they decided to go with a fictionalized version of the story that they did have the rights to tell, which is Anna’s story, as written by the journalist.

It’s not hard to figure out why they made the choices they made. If you guys don’t like it, go listen to a podcast, I’m sure there are five million that have been created on this topic.

by Anonymousreply 69February 13, 2022 3:50 PM

It’s pretty bad, and very repetitive.

Oh, look! Anna’s being confronted about a declined credit card again! And again! And again!

Now reporter is complaining about her preggo back pain! Again! And again!

by Anonymousreply 70February 13, 2022 3:54 PM

Is the journalist as much of an awful person in real life as she is presented here and why would she even agree to this depiction of herself to begin with anyways?

by Anonymousreply 71February 13, 2022 3:55 PM

All of the characters are unsympathetic. I laugh at them being taken in by this con artist. But it's way too many hours of unrelatable people.

And Neff seems so gay it's LOL funny.

by Anonymousreply 72February 13, 2022 3:58 PM

R69 yes MARY I’m fully aware that Shonda and her gal pals wanted to make a series. I can question the choice they made to focus extensive time on a shrill pregnant frau NY magazine writer without being “obtuse.” It’s a lazy bullshit choice that we’ve seen a hundred times before (oh my god will she get the full story? Will she be able to manage her baby and her career? Will that mean editor sabotage her? Oh my god look at her traveling to a jail for her story! Look at her go!). Zzzzzzz.

Why are you so fucking defensive telling us to shut up and go listen to a podcast? Did you work on this stupid ass show? Are you the real life pregnant frau assaulting my eyes repeatedly in the form of Anna Chlumsky?

The guy who plays Val is very pretty btw. Awful character but beautiful eyes on him.

I can’t even remember who Neff is. I think I’ll call it at 3 Episodes and google to find out the rest of the actual story.

by Anonymousreply 73February 13, 2022 4:01 PM

The real Anna Delvey (i forget what her last name is - Sorkin?) was paid $325,000 for the rights to her story by Netflix. It was put into an account for when she left prison. Most of it went to her lawyers, etc.

I think Shonda was the wrong person for this job. Anna's word was a white world. I looked at photos on Anna's friend group and it was not very diverse. I think Sofia Coppola would have done a great job with this material for the much mentioned 2-hour movie idea and I think a younger Kirsten Dunst would have knocked this role out of the park. Although while I hate the reporter, I don't think the actress playing Anna is doing a bad job. She has a muddled accent but I don't mind her. She plays a stone cold grifter well.

by Anonymousreply 74February 13, 2022 5:00 PM

[quote]Is the woman playing the concierge Janelle Monae? If not that bitch stole her look, mannerisms and flat acting.

She's the second worst actress playing the second most annoying character on the show. Holy "I'm better than all white people" attitude and blaccent, Batman! The worst of course is Anna Chlumsky with her awful mugging, face contortions and overacting. Hope the reporter who this Vivian character is based on sues for character assassination. You know you screwed the pooch in casting when Laverne Cox isn't the worst actor in the show.

(Video) Inventing Anna | Official Trailer | Netflix
by Anonymousreply 75February 13, 2022 5:14 PM

The cuckold, handsome husband of the journalist is another question mark. He's cute, baby loving, and all his wife does is rant and rave. I kept hoping she would miscarry so he could leave her.

by Anonymousreply 76February 13, 2022 5:18 PM

It would have been great in a 6-episode BBC format. 9 hours and a half is too long, but still entertaining nevertheless.

by Anonymousreply 77February 13, 2022 5:45 PM

[quote] It’s a lazy bullshit choice that we’ve seen a hundred times before

No, the lazy choice would have been to construct a show told solely from Anna's point of view.

by Anonymousreply 78February 13, 2022 6:08 PM

I enjoyed the first four episodes but it rapidly went off the rails. I don't need to see a reporter giving birth or listen to her conspiraccy theories and fantasies about Anna's German childhood.'

It disturbed me that Anna was initially presented as a little gem when the photos do indeed establish that she was fat and unkempt.

The "bad, bad Rachel" trope reminded me of the "bad, bad Samantha" trope in AJLT. Creepy that the group went to Morocco. The acting did not bother me all that much and Anna Chlumsky look like a zillion other journalists.

When the series deteriorated into "get on Team Anna," that was it for me. Sexism is not an excuse for fraud. This woman was inherently unlikable. And all the unethical behavior by the journalist and lawyer was deeply unpleasant.

I thought this was going to defy the Shonda Rimes' curse of cheesiness but no.

by Anonymousreply 79February 13, 2022 7:45 PM

Incredible that her cohort of "Manhattan Magazine" have so much free time that they can gather and giggle and gasp at Val's research.

by Anonymousreply 80February 13, 2022 7:54 PM

Flawed, but I can watch Ben Rappaport for hours.

by Anonymousreply 81February 13, 2022 7:55 PM

Damn, that pilot was a yawn. Does it get better...and can they stop putting Laverne Cox in things until their acting improves. There are other trans actors that can act circles around her.

by Anonymousreply 82February 13, 2022 8:07 PM

What an absolute slog to get through. It left me with zero desire to look up the details about the case.

by Anonymousreply 83February 14, 2022 1:16 AM

I slept through large chunks of this. Do they ever explain where she got her moment from?

One scene her card is denied at dinner, then the next she’s walking down the street with 15 bags hanging off her arms. It never made sense.

by Anonymousreply 84February 14, 2022 1:23 AM

^^moment = money

by Anonymousreply 85February 14, 2022 1:29 AM

Regardless of what the real Anna sounds like, I can't watch the series because of the EXTREMELY voice that Julia Garner uses in it.

But, I adore Julia Garner and think she's a very talented actress. I first saw her in the film Grandma with Lily Tomlin. Julia was great. Everything about the film is wonderful.

I usually can't stand Lily Tomlin and Marcia Gay Harden's nose bugs me, but they gave incredible performances. Everyone did (Sam Elliot, Elizabeth Pena RIP, as well as the rest of the cast).

There is a scene where Lily confront's Julia's slacker, teenage boyfriend and it is hilarious.

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by Anonymousreply 86February 14, 2022 1:35 AM

Slog is right. Can’t believe I made it through that mess….endless, convoluted, couldn’t care less about a single character. Especially that dreary journalist with the melting face….all the neverending details of her pregnancy. What was Netflix thinking?!?

by Anonymousreply 87February 14, 2022 1:35 AM

It does seem unlikely that she was able to talk her way out of "my card isn't working, it's the int'l banks!" so many times and hte next day being able to buy so many things or check into a hotel.

They explain the 12 Washignton st hotel thing that the day she checked int hey were having problems with the reader, but at ALL the places she went? Hotels run your card when you check in.

by Anonymousreply 88February 14, 2022 1:37 AM

I already knew it was gonna suck when the Brooklyn seacow OP Ewwdwin Montonnazz jr proclaimed it “must see tv!!” That obese retard is always wrong!

by Anonymousreply 89February 14, 2022 1:37 AM

Meh. I finished it this morning, while playing Wordscapes. I knew the story already, and found the flourishes annoying and unnecessary. But there are far, far worse limited series on Netflix than this. Cheer, season 2, for example.

by Anonymousreply 90February 14, 2022 1:41 AM

Where did the credit cards come from? Stolen? Opened under other names, etc?

I don’t remember the story from when it was in the news, and this series did nothing to answer a lot of the basic questions one needs to understand what happened.

by Anonymousreply 91February 14, 2022 1:45 AM

I really want to watch this as I read the famous article and I do find the story kind of fascinating.

But of my god, I’m a member of a Facebook gossip group, and a woman posted that she didn’t like it and isn’t a fan of Shonda Rhimes. This person was immediately attacked in the comments and basically called a racist and a bad white ally and said they need to look at Shonda and her career as a whole and how important she is. The poster deleted the comment but someone took a screenshot and they started blasting the woman again! A group mod thanked the woman who was crying racism and thanked her for her “emotional labor”...which was a screenshot! Do people really ride this hard for Shonda?!

by Anonymousreply 93February 14, 2022 1:46 AM

The Indian boyfriend seemed so gay.

by Anonymousreply 94February 14, 2022 2:01 AM

The real Anna looked so common.

by Anonymousreply 95February 14, 2022 2:36 AM

Well, at least she didn’t put that dreary actress who plays Meredith Grey in this, only the one who plays her mother.

by Anonymousreply 96February 14, 2022 2:40 AM

Yeah, I think Anna was miscast, Julia is very delicate looking. I think Anna looks a lot like the actress who played Debbie on Shameless

by Anonymousreply 97February 14, 2022 2:49 AM

If only they didn't have the obnoxious journalist as the lead character, the series would have been good. I stopped watching after the first episode. The original written story about Anna was a fascinating read; they should have focused on that instead of inserting the journalist into the story. She is more narcissistic than Anna.

by Anonymousreply 98February 14, 2022 2:50 AM

I just saw the reporter have her baby (wtf?) and the newborn looked HUGE!!!

by Anonymousreply 99February 14, 2022 2:51 AM

Anna got fat by the time she got to court, but the similarities between the actress and Anna are not bad. Shonda and her preaching got on my nerves. If we are just watching the show based, Shonda has Anna constantly preach that "she wound't be in trouble if she were a man". I kept thinking the opposite. If some 25 year old guy went around trying the same endeavor as a straight man. he wouldn't have gotten nearly as far. This stylish, mostly blond Anna with her tight little pussy is the REASON she got so far with very little credentials. (Young) woman have much more power than they admit. It's when then turn into the ugly, old, pregnancy, dumpster fire of a reporter that they start being dismissed. The reporter seemed jealous of Anna's cunning and lifestyle.

by Anonymousreply 100February 14, 2022 6:41 AM

Her and the tinder swindler had a lot in common 😂

by Anonymousreply 101February 14, 2022 8:43 AM

TL;DR. I can’t stand this extenuating and glorification of La Dump. Why are the people(you know what ‘race’ they are) so envious of Dump’s right-in-your-face swindle? Could it be that these Hollywood grifters are jealous that they did not do (I.e. steal money with such nakedness), they did not do it FIRST?

Such trash!…and a curse on humanity they are!

by Anonymousreply 102February 14, 2022 8:55 AM

r101, "her," is never the subject of a sentence.

by Anonymousreply 103February 14, 2022 1:07 PM

Ok so there are too many detours. It's bloated. I don't care about Anna's cliche lawyer story line and him at home. It's aiming for American crime story OJ Simpson vibes but really it's just a fun story. If they were aiming for that level they would have needed to hire writers that are not from scandal. Still watching though

by Anonymousreply 104February 14, 2022 4:05 PM

How did the casting person and the director not tell the reporter to stop making those vile, mugging faces non-stop?? The person is a professional actress ??

Laverne Cox can’t act either but we know why she was cast

And Neff hasn’t learned to tone down her AAVE accent while working as a concierge at a super high end hotel???

by Anonymousreply 105February 14, 2022 6:58 PM

There are so many other trans actresses out there, why was Laverne hired then?

by Anonymousreply 106February 14, 2022 7:01 PM

R93 The casting is so off here. Anna did not have tons of people of color in her company. There are tons of black people in this BUT few other minorities. I just knew that Shonda couldn't make a true life story without adding groups that weren't involved. Like most Hollywood productions blacks are overrepresented BUT Hispanics(is there one on this miniseries), Asians and Native Americans are very underrepresented. She also is overrated in terms of the quality of her shows. You have a right not to like her for her work. Many don't. Just because she's black, female and gay doesn't mean she should be beyond reproach. Look at what we do to Ryan Murphy on this site.

by Anonymousreply 107February 14, 2022 7:51 PM

Shonda is a lesbian? Is this new information?

by Anonymousreply 108February 14, 2022 8:33 PM

Were we supposed to sympathize with Anna at the end? She was just some plucky girl trying to make it in NY? She didn't do any real damage because she was just stealing from banks and hotels? I didn't understand why the lawyer and reporter became so obsessed with Anna, to the determent of their own lives. Anna is seen as a cold, hard grifter who was mean to everybody in her life. But the lawyer is wrecking his marriage for her, the reporter is buying her clothing? She wasn't likable, she was a cunt and yet everybody (the trainer, the hotel woman, the reporters) were all rooting for her to get off. What a fucked up message.

by Anonymousreply 109February 14, 2022 9:11 PM

Shonda Rhimes Can Do No Right!

by Anonymousreply 110February 14, 2022 9:15 PM

I agree the reporter was annoying. I also hated the way that concierge girl kept saying she was a “ride or die” friend as if that makes her morally superior, to me that’s just a lame excuse to be a stupid, obsequious chump. She was really up potato face’s ass. I’m surprised black Twitter isn’t calling her an aunt Tom.

by Anonymousreply 111February 14, 2022 9:18 PM

Laverne's Cock ruined it for me.

by Anonymousreply 112February 14, 2022 9:22 PM

So, did Anna not actually have Trans and Black friends, or at least how she defined friends, which were people who were providing services to her through their work?

by Anonymousreply 113February 14, 2022 9:25 PM

I tried watching the first episode and hated it. Reading through this thread, I won’t be trying again. While I liked reading about Delvey, and I’d enjoy a real documentary, I can already tell from the half hour I saw that I’m not wasting time on this.

by Anonymousreply 114February 14, 2022 10:17 PM

Can someone please give a Cliff Notes version of where her money came from? I slept off and on through the entire series and still don’t understand how she managed to shop non stop, eat at the finest restaurants, stay at the finest hotels, tip $100 bills, etc.

I know there were a few “we didn’t get a card when you checked in” moments, but one scene would show her card being declined at dinner, then the next scene she was shopping up a storm walking down the street with multiple bags on her arms.

Were that many NY’ers so gullible and under her spell that they extended everything to her on the vague promise of oh it’s international credit cards (which is such bs - many of us travel in foreign countries and our cards go through at the time of transaction - there is no day or two delay) or the wire’s in the mail?

by Anonymousreply 115February 15, 2022 1:27 AM

Even the somewhat favorable reviews said it was a bit bloated.

Like Murphy's "Feud," it needed to be more like 5 or 6 hours instead of 8 or 9.

by Anonymousreply 116February 15, 2022 1:29 AM

R115 it does seem a bit unbelievable but apparently a lot of is true.

The shopping sprees, in some cases she charged to someone else. That was the falling out with Nora, whom she had just turned to be her supporter but she had already charged thousands if not hundreds of thousands on Nora's Bergdorf account so she had to split.

At one point one of the bankers gave her an "overdraft" of $200K which it seemed like she immediately drew on like a LCO. it's still not clear where her original stash of $100s came from when she first arrived.

by Anonymousreply 117February 15, 2022 1:41 AM

Thanks R117. I didn’t understand the 200k overdraft that she was able to draw cash on. That is some creative accounting.

Also as has been at stars, I don’t think she was as “cute”as the show portrayed her to be. We all know people cut corners for good looking people, but I don’t think the real Anna would be considered a head turner.

by Anonymousreply 118February 15, 2022 2:08 AM

at stars = said ^

by Anonymousreply 119February 15, 2022 2:09 AM

Anna Chlumsky was great on VEEP, but here she mugs and twitches and makes more faces than a Halloween costume factory.

And by the way, can a woman drink while she is breastfeeding/pumping? She was shown drinking throughout her trip to Germany.

by Anonymousreply 120February 15, 2022 3:01 AM

She was just expressing the milk; it was not being drunk by her child.

by Anonymousreply 121February 15, 2022 3:11 AM

Way too much frau pregnancy tidbits in this mess. I felt bad for Anna Chlumsky. She’s a very good actress, but this part was irritating and thankless, and so corny.

by Anonymousreply 122February 15, 2022 6:38 PM

I'm about halfway through. As an elder who lived in NYC in the 80s and early 90s, I'm enjoying it, if only for a portrayal of the city's society culture today. The clothes and interiors are fun, and I think the actors are doing well. Even the reporter is a pretty believable neurotic type. Quite a scam Anna ran, and I read she's out of prison and back on social media, hustling. Like I always say, you can brazen out just about anything these days.

by Anonymousreply 123February 15, 2022 7:33 PM

I watched to the end and ended up more disgusted by Anna's supporters than Anna herself. The series does a poor job of challenging any of these people who invested so much time, money, energy, and emotion into helping the selfish little ungrateful irredeemable asshole. The show rightfully points out that many men got away with much worse (and some of them even failed upward) but none of her champions did or said anything to challenge the system that allows it. Not to mention that I guarantee none of them could point to a single instance of ever investing that kind of effort to helping a Black woman or woman of color who was screwed over much worse and never had any of the privileges that allowed Anna to get as far as she did. And for all the cheering that Anna beat the charge involving the hypocrite Rachel, no one even noticed she was held accountable for stealing from companies but not an actual person? (Eerily similar problem in the Elizabeth Holmes verdict--convicted of defrauding investors, but NOT patients.)

It just came across as a half-assed examination of power and privilege. The reporter, attorney, and Anna's "friends" were just as guilty as looking out for one of their own.

by Anonymousreply 124February 15, 2022 7:46 PM

[quote]Not to mention that I guarantee none of them could point to a single instance of ever investing that kind of effort to helping a Black woman or woman of color

Hi Shonda!!

by Anonymousreply 125February 15, 2022 7:48 PM

R125 since this is a Shonda production, what I ultimately wrote is a critique of Shonda's handling of the story, no? Like when I specifically said "The series does a poor job of challenging any of these people who invested so much time, money, energy, and emotion into helping the selfish little ungrateful irredeemable asshole."

by Anonymousreply 126February 15, 2022 7:49 PM

Without any meaning we're just skin and bone.

Like beautiful robots dancing alone.

by Anonymousreply 127February 15, 2022 8:44 PM

I liked the Laverne Cox scenes.

by Anonymousreply 128February 15, 2022 8:55 PM

Omg the Nora character is played by Kate Burton? Richard's daughter? Gosh, everyone is getting so old.

by Anonymousreply 129February 15, 2022 9:46 PM

My word, the guy who plays Chlumsky's editor has huge moobs.

by Anonymousreply 130February 16, 2022 1:04 AM

Note to Shonda - this story has nothing to do with people of color. Why did you take this project? Anna's circle was straight and white. You would have done better with the Jussie Smullet scandal and trial. You're welcome.

by Anonymousreply 131February 16, 2022 3:32 AM

I dunno, the show seems kind of nicely, naturally diverse to me. It's a good story.

But yeah, I'd like to see the Jussie story too.

by Anonymousreply 132February 16, 2022 3:37 AM

The Russian defense lawyer colleague--Dimitry--- was black??

by Anonymousreply 133February 16, 2022 3:43 AM

Amazing how chapped white people get about nonwhite actors getting jobs even when they are representing real people.

Anna's circle was not all white. Michael Huang was one of the first people she glommed onto. The real life Kacy is Black. I don't know if she's trans, but Laverne Cox looks enough like her. The real life Neff is also Black. The identity of the real "Chase" is unknown (he's IDed as "the Futurist" in Pressler's article) but he's been speculated to be Hunter Lee Soik and David Shing among others.

Offsite Link

by Anonymousreply 134February 16, 2022 3:52 AM

I like the Ozark girl but this show has cheap production values, the actors suck, and they fail at depicting the Uber wealthy…as well as the fashion scene and the art scene.

by Anonymousreply 135February 16, 2022 4:20 AM

Neff needs a fucking slap to the face.

by Anonymousreply 136February 16, 2022 5:14 AM

Vivian was just Amy from Veep with a bad brown rinse and a moon bump, right down to the contorted facial expressions. That “fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck” during the ultrasound was just embarrassing. At that point I had to reconsider - is the show a comedy?

by Anonymousreply 137February 16, 2022 5:46 AM

[quote]The show rightfully points out that many men got away with much worse

Do you people think repeating this kind of thing makes it true? Name names, please.

by Anonymousreply 138February 16, 2022 6:01 AM

This show has to be the best hate watch since And just like that, which really set the bar high.

It's absolute tripe and actually rather boring. Anna Chumsky is acting like she's in a wacky, plucky career gal comedy from 1996 with all those stupid facial expressions and "you go girl" moments. And the husband behaves like an elderly grandmother. I also have to question if anyone in the writer's room has actually ever had a relationship, as no-one seems to relate to anyone in a normal, believable way. A highlight was Vivian's agony over her career when viewing the ultrasound. As a 41 year old woman you would have thought she might be happy that the baby appears normal. And in what news office does everyone sit around drinking coffee and gasbagging? Also, Anna bangs on about misogyny and all that, while ripping off elderly women and treating Vivian like a peasant. As for the music, they just seem to crank it up in random, inappropriate spots, totally killing the mood of the scene.

I could go on. It's incredibly bad.

by Anonymousreply 139February 16, 2022 6:31 AM

I was desperate to find anything even decent on Nutflix so I watch one episode which was all I could take.

by Anonymousreply 140February 16, 2022 6:34 AM

It's shit unless you are it's target age of 16.

The face the journalist makes when the Riker's Island press Pruis pulls up. Who the hell directed this thing. If you want to see something watchable try "Ozarks".

by Anonymousreply 141February 16, 2022 6:38 AM

Genius at R138 has never heard the name Trump, Stumpf, or Gulliver and certainly has no idea why the economy tanked in 2008.

Offsite Link

by Anonymousreply 142February 16, 2022 7:10 AM

One wonders what John Guare would have made of this for the stage. At least we didn’t have to watch an 8 part limited series stretched extensively about someone who might be Sidney Poitier’s son and just wants a few nice antique chairs as a starter point for building a collection.

by Anonymousreply 143February 16, 2022 7:53 AM

I read the original New York Magazine article about this woman. My takeaway was that people will hang out with you if they think you're rich and can help them in some way. Everyone who fell for her bullshit was either a grubby little striver with big dreams or a really vapid rich person. She's not a villain imo.

by Anonymousreply 144February 16, 2022 8:17 AM

[QUOTE] the trailer, however, she has this incredibly ugly, nasal, vocal fry that foreign women don't possess.

Most Eastern European women speaking English have that abrasive, abrupt edge to their voice. Very unpleasant.

I'm on episode 8 and the best scenes are between Anna, her boyfriend Chase and gay friend Val and then the holiday in Morocco. Hilarious that so many people trusted her just because she left $100 tips.

I fast forwarded through all the parts where Vivien is talking about her pregnancy, giving birth etc. So unnecessary.

by Anonymousreply 145February 16, 2022 8:36 AM

Anna took four people to a 5* boutique hotel in Morocco and when she couldn't pay the 62k bill, not a single one of them said they'd contribute their share. The one who eventually put her card down was so angry that she'd been ripped off that she shopped Anna to the police.

by Anonymousreply 146February 16, 2022 8:40 AM

Lots of Travis Scott 'songs' on the soundtrack for some reason.

by Anonymousreply 147February 16, 2022 8:41 AM

"That “fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck” during the ultrasound was just embarrassing. At that point I had to reconsider - is the show a comedy??"

Reminded me of Four Weddings and A Funeral when that kind of swearing on screen was still fresh and funny.

by Anonymousreply 148February 16, 2022 8:44 AM

[QUOTE] Quite a scam Anna ran, and I read she's out of prison and back on social media, hustling

(Video) Inventing Anna - this is a wild story! | Netflix Original TV Mini Series Review

Yep, she's on instagram with 300k followers under theannadelvey.

by Anonymousreply 149February 16, 2022 8:47 AM

R145 Agree, the Morocco episode was pretty good and I, too, fast forwarded through the labor scenes, no thanks. The Germany episode contains some of the most excruciating acting by Chlumsky.

by Anonymousreply 150February 16, 2022 10:23 AM

R146, that's a really skewered version of events. Anna promised to cover everything as incentive to get them to go. None of them (except maybe Kacy) could afford the hotel and other luxuries that Anna chose for themselves, let alone the whole bill. Neff couldn't go because of work and Anna tried to convince her to QUIT HER JOB for the trip. And since Anna couldn't pay any of it she dumped it on Rachel to unknowingly pay all of it, including Anna's share. Anna kept charging Rachel's card even after Rachel left, and she was completely indifferent to the fact that Rachel couldn't pay her bills. Anna also "hired" Rachel's friend to document the trip and of course he never got paid. And Rachel waited months before turning Anna in.

by Anonymousreply 151February 16, 2022 11:54 AM

Yeah, I didn't really get the hate edit for Rachel. She was pretty vapid and stupid but not malicious. What Anna did to her was utterly fucked up.

I still don't understand why the show flipped on its head at the end and we were supposed to feel sympathy for the cunty grifter who swindled people out of thousands of dollars. The 'Manhattan' journalists, the trainer, Neff, everybody seemed to be on her side and I still keep asking myself why? Anna wasn't even nice or likable to the people rooting her on.

by Anonymousreply 152February 16, 2022 12:38 PM

Agree. Totally befuddled that the magazine cohort was so firmly in Anna's corner.

by Anonymousreply 153February 16, 2022 12:45 PM

R139 “And in what news office does everyone sit around drinking coffee and gasbagging?”

I love how—even now, after publishing has been massacred—this show depicts magazines as sparkling, vibrant towers of of power, circa 1990. Plus, that crew is straight out of Mary Tyler Moore, circa 1975. Or from the ghastly Bright Lights, Big City (movie).

by Anonymousreply 154February 16, 2022 12:55 PM

In real life the frau reporter would have been working from home at this point. Not sitting in the office all day with a towel on her chair waiting to give birth.

by Anonymousreply 155February 16, 2022 1:37 PM

When they are staying in the Paris hotel and locked out of their room, why didn't the "very successful" guy in fashion just whip out his Amex card and get a room? It made no sense that he was dependent on someone else to pay the bill.

by Anonymousreply 156February 16, 2022 2:25 PM

R156 - they talk about how fashion doesn't pay well. The fashion gay seemed totally beholden to Anna (and especially Nora) to keep up the lavish lifestyle. They imply he comes from nothing beginnings in Alabama.

by Anonymousreply 157February 16, 2022 2:38 PM

You know what? This really needs to be a musical!

by Anonymousreply 158February 16, 2022 2:41 PM

A friend of mine who worked at VF said they pay absolute shit and that the girl who gave her VF card to the hotel would have been fired as soon as the Amex bill came in.

by Anonymousreply 159February 16, 2022 8:23 PM

Well, they do emphasize over and over that a lot of this shit is absolutely made up.

by Anonymousreply 160February 16, 2022 10:31 PM

There’s a gay guy doing Anna TikToks who’s having much fun.

by Anonymousreply 161February 16, 2022 10:37 PM

Who gives a flying fuck about some garbage mini series about some skanky hotel grifter. Our ideas about entertainment are at a new low.

by Anonymousreply 162February 16, 2022 10:50 PM

[quote]Note to Shonda - this story has nothing to do with people of color. Why did you take this project? Anna's circle was straight and white. You would have done better with the Jussie Smullet scandal and trial. You're welcome.

You're a fucking racist idiot. Every single person of color in this series actually existed in real life and was actually a person of color.

by Anonymousreply 163February 16, 2022 11:40 PM

R162 How's Anna skanky? I read the book one of her victims wrote and, though they socialized a bit, there's very little about Anna's sexuality that came through despite the author admitting she was curious about which kind of guys Anna liked. Apparently Anna dated some start-up tech guy of Asian descent; the author saw them drinking together and noticed they still had chemistry. And that's all she says as far as this subject goes. Anna was straight for all we know, but surrounded herself with women in her day to day life. Doesn't come across as skanky, unless that's how Shonda decided to portray her, which I don't know as I won'twatch this series.

by Anonymousreply 164February 17, 2022 7:24 AM

[QUOTE] Who gives a flying fuck about some garbage mini series about some skanky hotel grifter. Our ideas about entertainment are at a new low.

Go away, Klan Granny.

by Anonymousreply 165February 17, 2022 10:20 AM

Outsiders love it when a fellow outsider fucks with the elite or with wannabe elitists. That's why the audience is supposed to root for the grifting Anna in the end, because she is one of "them".

It's one of the schemes that made Trump such a popular figure with the Deplorables. They bought his "Drain the swamp" bullshit, like he's one of them (a "self made billionaire"? Sure, Jan) fighting the establishment.

by Anonymousreply 166February 17, 2022 10:52 AM

(Is Anna’s husband, Shaun So, part Asian?? Looks like it. Just curious. I’d love to see a pic of the kids.)

by Anonymousreply 167February 17, 2022 1:01 PM

Did she even take down anyone important? It’s not like she was Bernie Madoff, fooling people who should have known better. She was small potatoes who went after other small potatoes.

Interestingly, I had a fascinating front row seat to a gold-digging skank who got her claws into a legit billionaire temporarily. He wound up staying with his wife of decades, but she did a real number on him. I’m pretty sure he gave her the down payment on a house and I’m pretty sure he paid her for a video she made of them together. She was a dangerous psycho, as it turns out. It would make a nice Vanity Fair article some day, how she went to work on him, and what she was like underneath.

by Anonymousreply 168February 17, 2022 1:15 PM

The actress playing Neff gives the best performance in the show. Low-key realistic delivery, a lot happening behind her eyes.

I kept wishing she were white since she would have been a much better Anna.

by Anonymousreply 169February 17, 2022 1:24 PM

My major problem with this was Julia Gardner as Anna. I love her in Ozark but here she’s miscast. It’s not a question of the accent but of her voice, size and posture, she looks like a child in adult’s clothing (the wig doesn’t help). This make it all unconvincing, specially on the scenes she is supposed to ensnare people (like in the yacht, or with the boyfriend in Paris). Maybe another actress could overcome her small stature and sound imposing any way, but she fails. And this is crucial in a story where convincing people is key.

I have only seen 3 episodes but what is going on with the trio or quartet of old journalists that live in the corner at the magazine? I keep expecting them to be ghosts and for the whole thing to become a version of the Six Sense.

by Anonymousreply 170February 17, 2022 7:38 PM

Have you seen the real Anna, R170? I thought the casting was good.

by Anonymousreply 171February 17, 2022 8:19 PM

If you watch video of the real Anna, especially of her speaking, you see just how well Julia captured her.

by Anonymousreply 172February 17, 2022 8:26 PM

I finished it by fast-forwarding all the Anna Chlumsky scenes in the last 3 episodes. She was truly unwatchable. Shrill, pushy, entitled, exaggerated, mugging for the camera nonstop. What a shitty boring frau character and what a god awful performance.

What trash. I don't know why I kept watching it. I liked Julia Garner a lot. I feel like she did the best she could.

The real life Rachel was much better looking than that dog actress they cast. And younger. See below.

Offsite Link

by Anonymousreply 173February 17, 2022 10:49 PM

Anthony Edwards is really sexy in this.

by Anonymousreply 174February 18, 2022 3:59 AM

Eposides 3-7 were the best, where the focus was on Anna and less on the journalist. That really was the biggest mistake of all. I thought the actress did a very good job of betraying Anna. I didn't realize she is an Emmy winner, but I bought it. Episode 8, the Germany episode, is basically unwatchable though, unless there is a scene w/ Anna in it. This really would have been a fabulous 2 hour movie.

by Anonymousreply 175February 18, 2022 5:46 AM

Yes agreed R175. Or honestly a more talented showrunner could have done this in 5-6 episodes and just cut out the journalist nonsense and focused entirely on the actual story - Anna.

Also the way they filmed the frau working on this story was laughable. Like she was uncovering a hidden cure for AIDS or hunting Nazis in South America - instead of writing a magazine feature on a fake socialite who got arrested for conning people out of $200k. The tone is so off.

by Anonymousreply 176February 18, 2022 1:28 PM

R10 Lee Remick? Really? You need to make Lee’s famous barbecued chinese duck, then sit in a quiet room and reflect on your comment.

Lee Remick's Barbecued Chinese Duck

4 1-pound duck breasts

1 cup sherry

2 tablespoons brown sugar or honey

3 tablespoons soy sauce

1 teaspoon powdered ginger

1 teaspoon powdered mustard

Toasted sesame seeds for garnish.

1. Trim excess fat and skin from the duck breasts. Combine the sherry, sugar, soy sauce, ginger and mustard and pour over the duck. Marinate several hours or overnight, turning occasionally.

2. Drain the duck and reserve the marinade. Grill for 20 to 25 minutes over medium heat, turning and moving duck to avoid flare-ups while basting frequently.

3. Allow the duck to rest for 5 minutes before slicing. Sprinkle with sesame seeds before serving.

Yield: 6 servings.

Sichuan Hacked Chicken

1 tablespoon Sichuan peppercorns

1 1/2 cups peanut oil

2 1/4 pounds chicken breasts

9 tablespoons peanut butter

3 tablespoons sesame oil

3 tablespoons soy sauce

3 tablespoons white vinegar

3 teaspoons MSG

4 teaspoons cayenne (or less, to taste)

4 1/2 teaspoons ginger, minced

5 teaspoons scallions, chopped

5 teaspoons garlic, minced

2 to 4 teaspoons crushed red pepper flakes, to taste

2 tablespoons cilantro, chopped.

1. Fry the Sichuan peppercorns in the oil for 15 minutes. Discard the peppercorns, and reserve 4 1/2 tablespoons of oil for this recipe. (Save remainder for another purpose.)

2. Skin and bone the chicken, then plunge it into boiling water and simmer till just barely cooked through, about 5 minutes. Cut into 1/4-inch-thick strips 3 inches long.

3. Combine the peanut butter and sesame oil till smooth. Stir in all the remaining ingredients except the cilantro.

4. Add 2 teaspoons of the red pepper flakes and then taste, adding up to 2 more according to your tolerance. Then add as much of your newly made Sichuan oil as necessary to make a sauce that isn't overly oily.

5. Arrange the chicken on a platter, spoon the sauce over it and sprinkle the cilantro on top. Serve at room temperature.

Yield: 6 servings.

by Anonymousreply 177February 19, 2022 1:52 PM

I enjoyed it- very entertaining and even more jaw dropping because it’s a true story. My only problem is that I could and can see through someone like Anna right away. All my life I’ve “met” or been acquainted with people who claim identities that don’t jive (particularly in NYC)- especially those who make claims for wealth. That said, look what Trump got away with, with Deutsche Bank. But the 3 principle friends? Couldn’t they see through her? I have known wealthy people who simply do not pay bills (like Trump) but usually they do when legal letters arrive- and they are very much the exception. Also, stores and service businesses have very little tolerance for no payment.

by Anonymousreply 178February 19, 2022 2:31 PM

Anna is obnoxious. The lawyer and the journalist have lost any professional perspective. The editor's pushback is ridiculous as New York Magazine lives for these kinds of stories. The notion that there are fairy godmothers like Nora and, to an extent, Anna is also implausible--no one is cheaper than people with a lot of money. Very few criminals are fascinating, which this series assumes Anna is. Who cares why she did it? Who cares what her background was? Who cares if a lot of fulla shit people got away with it and she didn't? Yes, there is a whole strata of fabulously rich people who buzz about Manhattan that most ordinary people never meet, unless they're worker bees. In the end, Anna is one of the bratty assholes who needed to be told repeatedly to fuck off. Her lawyer should have resigned.

For every 20 minutes Shonda provides of sparkling entertainment, there are about six hours of nonsense and cringe.

by Anonymousreply 179February 19, 2022 7:21 PM

Anna almost killing herself as a rouse to get into rehab was ridiculous.

People check themselves into rehab every day. They just walk in. They don't have to attempt suicide first.

by Anonymousreply 180February 19, 2022 8:05 PM

I read the story months ago and was interested in seeing this brought to life. I lasted until episode 4. Anna's whining, droning voice and demands got tiresome and the reporter fighting with her boss was "so what". Add in the lawyers fighting, the flashbacks with the Indian BF were tedious. Everyone was unlikeable and since I knew the story already, there was not enough drama to keep me interested.

I'm curious about a few things - was the boyfriend situation/Anthony Edwards character made up because I don't remember either of those things from the article.

by Anonymousreply 181February 19, 2022 8:10 PM

It's "jibe," not "jive." Sorry, pet peeve.

by Anonymousreply 182February 19, 2022 8:22 PM

Anna's boyfriend was one of the things they got right. But he is not named in the article because he only spoke on background.

I read an article about the show that IDs him. He is a failed App entrepreneur who moved to Dubai.

by Anonymousreply 183February 19, 2022 8:23 PM

I did think it was funny when Anna was sobbing to Laverne Cox to please get her on a plane out of Morocco. And stops mid-sob to add, "I'd like first class."

by Anonymousreply 184February 19, 2022 8:24 PM

Laverne Cox was serving up her usual amount of acting talent.

I thought it was odd that her character has sex with her panties and a sturdy, double-stapped bra still on. Outside of TV, who does that?

by Anonymousreply 185February 19, 2022 8:26 PM

Anna is ICE, ICE baby.

“Vhile da vorld contemplates Ms. Garner’s accent of me and it’s correctness, I am in dis shithole upstate detention center.” I vill not be watching das vittle Netflix extravaganza at my expense.”

Offsite Link

by Anonymousreply 186February 19, 2022 8:29 PM

The real Anna is so bloated and completely average looking. I don’t understand how anyone was taken in by her??

by Anonymousreply 187February 19, 2022 9:28 PM

A lot of young rich people are lazy, bored and fed up with their uptight parents. They are easily impressed by "fake it 'til you make it" enthusiasm. Craving that new, fresh excitement, almost like adrenaline junkies. That new club, that new belt, that new party drug, etc.

by Anonymousreply 188February 19, 2022 9:37 PM

I’m surprised she didn’t become friendly with Lens Dunham.

by Anonymousreply 189February 19, 2022 9:40 PM

R189 People conning the public are very competitive.

by Anonymousreply 190February 19, 2022 10:21 PM

If anyone ever wants to know what DL is like, I'll show them this thread, where a bunch of queens who never heard the real Anna speak, bitch about the actress' accent.

by Anonymousreply 191February 20, 2022 9:31 AM

R180, but the point was that if you check into rehab without any kind of referral, it might be seen as a ruse so you do not get the court deferral.

(Sad to say, I know someone who did the rehab deferral.)

by Anonymousreply 192February 20, 2022 12:34 PM

All you have to do is go to a doctor and say you've become an alcoholic. You don't have to try to kill yourself.

by Anonymousreply 193February 20, 2022 1:45 PM

[quote] If anyone ever wants to know what DL is like, I'll show them this thread, where a bunch of queens who never heard the real Anna speak, bitch about the actress' accent.

Oh joy, we didn't go though that noise enough with Gaga and her Gucci movie, we get part 2 with this mess! 😞

by Anonymousreply 194February 20, 2022 1:49 PM

Was she in the same room as John Belushi or would that have been overkill? Then again there’s probably not a room there that hasn’t had some celebrity or wannabe celebrity ODing in.

by Anonymousreply 195February 20, 2022 1:50 PM

R193, although narratively, it seemed as if rehab was not on her mind. She thought the suicide attempt would delay the proceedings and goting to rehab was a bonus..

by Anonymousreply 196February 20, 2022 1:51 PM

Nope. No Netflix here (though I wish I had bought stock years back!).

by Anonymousreply 197February 20, 2022 1:55 PM

I' m sure this has been mentioned already, but why the hell did they need to shoehorne Laverne Cox in there? I'm sure the real Anna Delvey wouldn't be caught talking to a tranny in a million years. So fucking obnoxious.

by Anonymousreply 198February 20, 2022 1:56 PM

I agree that she is an awful person and as I said- how did all these folks not see through her and call themselves friends. But truth can be stranger than fiction and the series is pretty much the true story. It displays human greed and dysfunction at all levels. In a hyper concentrated city like NYC it’s like kerosine on a fire. Trump has been doing much the same thing in NYC for 45 years and now all over the world. Shit happens and con artists are real.

by Anonymousreply 199February 20, 2022 2:02 PM

Just looked into it, and apparrently Cox plays a real woman, Kacy Duke, who isn't trans. What an insult to her and to viewers. Are viewers supposed to pretend they can't tell Laverne is a giant hulking man?

by Anonymousreply 200February 20, 2022 2:17 PM

Unfortunately, I have known people like Anna. Maybe not to the same degree, but much alike. For this reason, I was captivated by this series, but the length was just ungodly...a four-part series would've sufficed. Did anyone notice the overused split-screen transition that was used over, over, and over towards the end? It reminded me of Homer Simpson learning how to edit while building a video dating tape for Flanders.

Offsite Link

by Anonymousreply 201February 20, 2022 2:29 PM

Couldn’t stand this selfish thin lipped cunt when I read the story about her a few years ago, and not interested in feeding her ego. She needs to be ignored so she dries up and vanishes.

Also, her accent in the trailer by the actor playing her is beyond annoying.

by Anonymousreply 202February 20, 2022 2:43 PM

This photo of her and some other thirsty bitch makes me loathe women. The vapid “ I look like a model” expressions on their faces. No, you don’t.

Offsite Link

by Anonymousreply 203February 20, 2022 2:47 PM

Those women sound utterly insufferable, R93. Are all the twats who cried racism black? Or is this a case of self-flagellating whites?

by Anonymousreply 204February 20, 2022 3:34 PM

[quote]Was she in the same room as John Belushi or would that have been overkill? Then again there’s probably not a room there that hasn’t had some celebrity or wannabe celebrity ODing in.

She was staying in the penthouse. But it was clearly green-screened. The lighting was all off.

by Anonymousreply 205February 20, 2022 4:37 PM

[quote]I' m sure this has been mentioned already, but why the hell did they need to shoehorn Laverne Cox in there?

I read that Laverne was playing a real person who is not transgender.

So how come people who aren't transgender can't play people who are transgender, but people who are can play people who aren't?

And I wonder what the real celebrity fitness life coach thinks about that casting.

by Anonymousreply 206February 20, 2022 4:40 PM

I've encountered Anna types, only on a smaller scale.

I talked to two people at parties who were making up their past.

One, was telling people he'd gone to the same private school I had gone to. When I asked which class, he said the same year I graduated. It was a weird coincidence that he said that to one of the few people in the world who would know he was lying. I was the yearbook editor and I knew everyone's names. His was not one of them.

The other said he lived in a place that happened to be where I grew up. When I asked him about his life there, it was very clear he had never been.

by Anonymousreply 207February 20, 2022 4:44 PM

The weird thing is that Kacy Duke looks a lot more transgendered than Laverne Cox does.

by Anonymousreply 208February 20, 2022 4:48 PM

R208 That would seem an impossibility.

But if she is a genuine fitness instructor, she probably has a muscular body.

by Anonymousreply 209February 20, 2022 4:55 PM

R208 did you out either of them? at least to their face if not publicly?

by Anonymousreply 210February 20, 2022 4:55 PM

What’s a little lie here or there

by Anonymousreply 211February 20, 2022 5:03 PM
(Video) Inventing Anna | Official Trailer | Netflix

Katy Duke

Offsite Link

by Anonymousreply 212February 20, 2022 5:21 PM

I’m loving it especially Julia’s fucked up accent

by Anonymousreply 213February 20, 2022 5:34 PM

The real Anna was very plain she looks like Russian peasant

by Anonymousreply 214February 20, 2022 5:35 PM

The blind devotion of the hotel girl is incredibly grating. Especially when she goes after the white Morocco trip friend and calls her “Karen” and “Becky.” It’s so obnoxious. Are we supposed to be agreeing with her?

She’s standing up and helping some ugly Russian sociopath???

by Anonymousreply 215February 20, 2022 9:57 PM

R215 and Karen is a pretty recent derogatory term, too.

by Anonymousreply 216February 20, 2022 10:01 PM

Good call R216.

It’s just so strange to me in this last episode we are supposed to sympathize with this sociopath and think Rachel is some villain?

I’ve worked with her lawyer Todd Spodek on cases before. No way in hell he screamed at Anna like this or had this dramatic back and forth with her. He’s a sweet guy but extremely bland and not very competent. And his wife isn’t some beautiful heiress - she’s another solo practitioner who does divorces.

The most realistic portrayal here is the judge. Also the ADA is understated and feels real.

by Anonymousreply 217February 20, 2022 10:12 PM

I didn't make it to the last episode.

But I read that the freeloader who works for Vanity Fair and went on the trip to Morocco isn't happy with how she was portrayed.

Mirrors can be extraordinarily cruel.

by Anonymousreply 218February 20, 2022 11:58 PM

I was so excited when I heard they were doing a series, it's one of my favorite grifter stories ever.

But this fucking Shonda-fied version is so godawful, I can't even finish it.

by Anonymousreply 219February 21, 2022 2:51 AM

Rachel in theory reminds me of DL Icon Melissa, aspiring actress from the NY Times housing section where she was complaining about her apartment hunt with her dad's money. There might be several girls like Anna but there are thousands of girls like Rachel in NYC.

by Anonymousreply 220February 21, 2022 6:04 AM

Yes, Rachel Williams is loudly condemning Shonda Rhimes, Netflix, and Katie Lowes for playing fast and loose with the facts. However, in her VF interview, the writer lets her wiggle out of the particular issues of whether Spodek's assessment of her character in his cross-examination and her getting read for filth by Kacy Duke were accurately portrayed: "Oh, there's no point in relitigating every little thing!"

Offsite Link

by Anonymousreply 221February 21, 2022 7:57 AM

It is weird for Williams to condemn a show that makes her so sympathetic. It would have been easy to portray her as being everything the defense attorney claims she is. Instead, the worst you could say abuot the onscreen character is that she is naïve and overhelpful.

by Anonymousreply 222February 21, 2022 11:38 AM

The problem with the show can be summed up by the fact that the show overall and many of the principle characters are salivating at Rachel getting her comeuppance during cross examination while just about all of the men are given a more sympathetic edit.

by Anonymousreply 223February 21, 2022 12:24 PM

Laverne screaming at Rachel on the courthouse steps was horribly acted and written but also just bizarre? Like yeah - why wouldn’t Rachel cooperate with the police with have them arrest Anna? She is a Russian sociopath who conned her into paying for a $62k Moroccan vacation. She’s a complete psycho who was conning everyone. Who the fuck cares if Rachel made one phone call to Promises in Malibu (where Anna was instagramming from) and said want to have lunch and Anna came running out of the facility without a second thought? Like they think the audience should be outraged by that? Rachel is testifying against her in criminal court and Laverne is egging her on to stand up for herself, but this detail was somehow crossing a line?

R222 I also found Rachel sympathetic but I think the show tries to make her out to be a villain. They failed as far as I’m concerned. Also if I was Rachel I would be offended they cast that fug Katie Lowes.

by Anonymousreply 224February 21, 2022 1:09 PM

Netflix allegedly decided to stick it to Williams with an unflattering portrayal because she had been in talks with HBO about developing a TV adaptation of her book.

by Anonymousreply 225February 21, 2022 3:25 PM

I guess I read the trick to get Anna out of the rehab was character development. I thought we were meant to feel good that Rachel wised up and took action.

The scene where the trainer did not register as a real condemnation because she had consistently been off in her judgements in previous episodes. The trainer's ineffectual "intervention" was just one in a series of bad choices. She came off badly because the trainer seemed like a sycophant without a backbone.

by Anonymousreply 226February 21, 2022 11:24 PM

I ranked Rachel worst of all back at R63 and over a week later I stand by that decision, she is the most cunty one.

by Anonymousreply 227February 21, 2022 11:33 PM

Everyone in this series is super-annoying. There’s no one to root for.

by Anonymousreply 228February 22, 2022 12:00 AM

I would hate Rachel most if the characters actually looked and spoke like the actors on this show.

Seeing Anna in real life with that peasant face and bad clothes and shitty hair, no way I’m rooting for her. It’s a lot easier when it’s beautiful little Julia Garner against Katie Lowes. Then sure - go Anna.

This gal? No thanks.

Offsite Link

by Anonymousreply 229February 22, 2022 12:27 AM

How were so many people hoodwinked by her she’s pathetic

by Anonymousreply 230February 22, 2022 2:08 AM

It's been good disposable entertainment. But, the series has done a terrible job explaining how Anna was such a mastermind to be able to pull all of this off. It TELLS us , but doesn't convincingly show us. Anna never, ever seems like a person people would be taken with. In the main Anthony Edwards episode (where he's a married finance guy), they at least suggest that part of Anna's pull has something to do with the other character's dreams and/or insecurities. In Edwards case, they make it seem like he has begrudging respect for Anna because his own daughter is a spoiled, do-nothing type. But, this can't make up for the overall depiction of Anna who, again, never seems like someone who could pull this off.

by Anonymousreply 231February 22, 2022 6:46 AM

Waiting to read the rest of the thread in case of spoilers. When the first episode started I was about to shut it off but it has gotten better. Just watched the 2nd episode and her friend who she dumped because of the passport that actor did a great job. Would have liked to see more of his relationship with the rich lady he lived with.

by Anonymousreply 232February 22, 2022 6:50 AM

OMG Josh from Guiding Light is playing Chase’s father. He looks good.

by Anonymousreply 233February 22, 2022 8:45 AM

Some scam artists use fake suicide attempts (and the rehab follow-up stunts) to establish the "poor me!" narrative, where the victims are supposed to feel sorry for the scam artist. Like when they have been found out and all the pressure and outrage of the victims got too much for the poor scam artist.

Like, someone is severely depressed and all you care about is how much money the poor guy or gal scammed out of you? Shame on you!

by Anonymousreply 234February 22, 2022 9:03 AM

And R234 it even seems to work second hand over DL!

by Anonymousreply 235February 22, 2022 11:58 AM

Anna kind of looks like Janis Joplin, except Janis’ face was warmer and animated.

by Anonymousreply 236February 22, 2022 1:18 PM

Any show that portrays rich, privileged Manhattan always takes it up to a level 1,000 just to drive home its point. In truth, even the richest and glamorous NYers don’t always dress and act like entitled brats. I get why shows like this (and Gossip Girl, etc) make these choices because TV is shorthand. However, this doesn’t appear to be the way the actual Anna looked and lived. Almost no one does look and live this way all the time.

by Anonymousreply 237February 22, 2022 1:59 PM

She just wanted to live, laugh, love- was that so wrong?

by Anonymousreply 238February 22, 2022 3:18 PM

It was a really weird series, sub par acting and choppy editing. Anna's voice has ruined my life.

by Anonymousreply 239February 22, 2022 3:42 PM

She's unrecognizable in this interview with Australian [italic]60 Minutes.[/italic] She looks like a middle-aged barmaid.

Offsite Link

by Anonymousreply 240February 22, 2022 3:49 PM

The whole idea of ADF, Anna Delvey FOUNDATION!!!! WTF? A soical club, and a gallery, and museum, and a restaurant. How the fuck is that a FOUNDATION?

"It's like Soho House but MORE EXCLUSIVE!"

Made no sense.

by Anonymousreply 241February 22, 2022 3:59 PM

Anna Delvey looks like an adult Madeline McCann.

Well, not now, per r240’s link, but she did.

by Anonymousreply 242February 22, 2022 5:06 PM

I finally finished the shit show (ultimately fast forwarding all of Anna Chlumsky).

I really don't understand why these 2 black women (the hotel worker and the trainer) stood by that Russian con artist criminal and went to her trial every day and rooted for her like she was some fucking hero. And shitted on Rachel who was (at worst) obnoxious, but not a criminal and never did anything to either of them. The whole thing was so disturbing. Shonda Rimes and her pals seemed to be set on us somehow sympathizing and rooting for Anna Delvey - completely unclear on why that is. What redeeming characteristics did this bitch have? She insulted that pregnant journalist frau effectively - which I personally appreciated - but beyond that I have no idea. She's a sociopath.

Hope she is deported by ICE. Send her back to Russia or Germany or wherever she's from. Let her scam them.

by Anonymousreply 243February 22, 2022 5:49 PM

Wonder if Yashar Ali has friends in common with Anna? He is the dumpy male Anna who also freeloaded off a rich woman who has stayed anon.

by Anonymousreply 244February 23, 2022 4:34 AM

To refresh your memories about Yashar

Offsite Link

by Anonymousreply 245February 23, 2022 4:34 AM

Ironic that he commented on her acting like he was so much better

Offsite Link

by Anonymousreply 246February 23, 2022 4:36 AM

The Anna Delvey Foundation - uber exclusive art gallery, social club, restaurant, whatever was the dumbest, most implausible business idea. I can't believe anybody took her seriously.

by Anonymousreply 247February 23, 2022 4:38 AM

I laughed when her head exploded at seeing "Live Love Laugh" on a sign at her boyfriend's parents house

by Anonymousreply 248February 23, 2022 4:47 AM

The biter beer face who plays Anna was better in "Ozarks". The Nutlix actress admitted her accent was shit in this. Said she was confused about what she was playing because she was simultaneously filming both streams. As a result she sounds like a split personality, hillbilly in "Inventin Arna". I can't wartch it.

by Anonymousreply 249February 23, 2022 6:36 AM

bitter beer face

by Anonymousreply 250February 23, 2022 6:36 AM

I'm a founding member at the Anna Delvey Foundation. It's more exclusive than Soho House or The Artist Club.

by Anonymousreply 251February 23, 2022 6:53 AM

I am old. I keep thinking Anna Nicole.

by Anonymousreply 252February 23, 2022 7:02 AM

R246 What an amusing find. The yet-to-be-outed grifter gleefully mocking the outed grifter.

Is there no sense of comradery between con artists?

by Anonymousreply 253February 23, 2022 3:33 PM

I'm loving this!! It's totally vacuous but so much fun

by Anonymousreply 254February 23, 2022 7:43 PM

Kacy Duke the trainer told a magazine (Marie Claire?) that she went to the trial to support Rachel. She was done with Anna. She's almost 70 by the way. Neff was a user who was in it for the money to launch her films. She consulted on the movie and Shonda saw herself as her mentor. She sounds nauseating in her interviews. I wouldn't assume her character was reality-based. In fact, her character was styled to make Anna look sympathetic, as if she inspired loyalty.

by Anonymousreply 255February 23, 2022 8:57 PM

It should have ended with the article publication and Anna freaking out when she sees it. The trip to Germany thereafter wasn't necessary. I mean, none of it is necessary, but just within the context of the series, those last two episodes really dragged for me.

by Anonymousreply 256February 23, 2022 9:46 PM

It was near camp how they played the Morocco credit card/Rachel arc like a suspense/thriller movie. Who would believe that many "my bank is getting it worked out" or "the wire is being sent" comments. I guess people really do get sucked into other people's orbits. But, like I said earlier, the series, while fun, doesn't do a good job of convincingly showing what made people believe Anna or what drew people to her. Anna always seems grating and annoying, not a person people would be head over heels about.

by Anonymousreply 257February 23, 2022 9:53 PM

[quote]The accent didn’t bother me because the character is a fake so it makes sense to have an obviously fake accent.

No. No it doesn't at all. This girl supposedly duped some of the most monied, influential and powerful people in the world. They would not have been fooled by that weird mashup of accents---white trash Arkansas plus British/Irish with a bit of German and Russian peaking through. Not to mention the irritating vocal fry (dear God). Garner is hard to watch and listen to in this role. Sounding like a desperate try hard doesn't fool anyone. Anna would have been pegged as a social climbing grifter in a hot minute.

BTW--- the real Anna is fug as hell. A marshmallow faced pudgeball. Nothing special. So, everything else about her had to be on point, including a perfect haughty accent.

Offsite Link

by Anonymousreply 258February 23, 2022 10:13 PM

"No. No it doesn't at all. This girl supposedly duped some of the most monied, influential and powerful people in the world. They would not have been fooled by that weird mashup of accents."

While the accent is the show is bad, one of the points of the show is that the "monied, influential, and powerful" people of the world aren't above getting duped, even by someone somewhat unconvincing.

by Anonymousreply 259February 23, 2022 10:23 PM

R255 well THAT makes sense thank you.

I found the neff character beyond obnoxious. She was unnecessarily hostile to one white girl while simultaneously kissing the ass of another WORSE white girl. Her blind devotion to Anna was pathetic. And something about the actress’s delivery was incredibly grating. Maybe she was just imitating how the real Neff talked but god was she smug. Of course Shonda is mentoring the real life woman. Fucking ridiculous.

by Anonymousreply 260February 23, 2022 10:24 PM

It's a juicy premise but so poorly executed. And the acting is so spotty. Some seasoned veterans with some others who seem like they were pulled off the streets. I actually felt bad for Chumsky watching, omg her skin! and that awful nonstop grimacing in lieu of real acting !? Does she have to do that because her features are so large? Seriously wondering.

by Anonymousreply 261February 23, 2022 10:46 PM

Anna Chlumsky's acting tics worked brilliantly on Veep. Here, it's exhausting by the end.

by Anonymousreply 262February 24, 2022 12:56 AM

I figured out why her accent is so irritating. It sounds like baby talk.

by Anonymousreply 263February 24, 2022 1:00 AM

If the real Neff consulted on the series, was it her idea that the character portraying her channel Janelle Monae in some desperate attempt to try to give her a personality?

by Anonymousreply 264February 24, 2022 1:53 AM

I’m so smart, loyal, and quirky!

by Anonymousreply 265February 24, 2022 3:26 PM

Now I see the Neff annoyance. I thought she was fine through 6 or 7 episodes. But those last two episodes. Ugh.

by Anonymousreply 266February 24, 2022 3:28 PM

I can't understand what Neff is saying most you the time. That actress needs to work on her enunciation.

by Anonymousreply 267February 24, 2022 7:52 PM

^ Yes the way she speaks - her cadence drove me batshit crazy.

by Anonymousreply 268February 24, 2022 8:12 PM

Neff started out speaking different and then went into exaggerated "you go, gurl" speak as if to underscore she's black. But it was more in the manner of a white person trying to imitate a black person speaking that way. I mean I get it - the earlier scenes she was mainly shown working at the hotel so had more professional speech. Once she was just a bystander, interview subject, observer, then she sort of went into over drive with every sentence spoken like she's trying to throw shade on people.

That said, it really wasn't her voice in the end that bothered me but her lame devotion to Anna.

I ended up not liking any of the main characters. The Anna semi-redemption arc was stupid.

by Anonymousreply 269February 24, 2022 8:39 PM

What Anna needed was a viscous bitch slapping, and what’s unbelievable is that NOT ONE New Yorker provided her with one.

by Anonymousreply 270February 25, 2022 12:02 AM

The Neff actress spoke in heavy AAVE aka "Blaccent." It was over the top and hard to believe she wouldn't "code switch" as a high end hotel concierge.

and her outrage the Rachel DARE say that Anna OWNED her....... a "strong BLACK woman!!!"

by Anonymousreply 271February 25, 2022 12:03 AM

No way Rachel even said that about Anna owning Neff. That felt like an obnoxious Shonda addition to the story.

by Anonymousreply 272February 25, 2022 2:26 AM

The fact we saw the trifecta of recent day grifting (Anna, the Fyre Fest guy, Martin Schkreli) all orbiting each other in NY was kind of funny. I guess like attracts like.

by Anonymousreply 273February 25, 2022 11:42 AM

I'm hoping that the sequel will be Anna trying to con Simon Leviev, as he tries to con her. Hilarity ensues...

by Anonymousreply 274February 25, 2022 3:10 PM

Laverne Coz is a shit actress

by Anonymousreply 275February 25, 2022 4:14 PM

That's because he's an actor, not an actress, R275.

by Anonymousreply 276February 26, 2022 2:08 AM

The real Anna is even uglier, how did that frumpy looking broad fool so many people?

by Anonymousreply 277February 26, 2022 3:28 AM

I really wanted the last line to be something overwrought like: As strange and as twisted a tale as it might all seem, there was something quintessentially 21st century and the desperate want and need for fame and recognition that makes Anna story so poignant, so poignant in fact that if she didn’t actually exist, we would have needed to invent Anna.

by Anonymousreply 278February 26, 2022 4:12 AM

Laverne Cooze

by Anonymousreply 279February 26, 2022 2:24 PM

Everyone at worked raved about this series. I couldn’t get past episode 3.

by Anonymousreply 280February 26, 2022 2:28 PM

Interesting how the actual trainer looks alot like Cox

by Anonymousreply 281February 26, 2022 4:43 PM

What I don't understand is why didn't Kacy at least pay Rachel for her share of the Morocco trip? Sure it would have only covered some of it, but $5-10k would have been reasonable. Especially since she is not hurting for money.


by Anonymousreply 282February 26, 2022 6:13 PM

R282 They were all freeloaders.

As a working adult, you don't go on a very expensive vacation expecting someone unrelated to pay if you are not.

by Anonymousreply 283February 26, 2022 11:08 PM

R282, no one had money like that to throw around. They only went in the first place because they thought Anna was covering it.

Yes, they are all free loaders but they did think they had a rich friend

by Anonymousreply 284February 27, 2022 5:07 AM

I wonder if the pregnant frau writer’s senior writer friends at New York Magazine really got so obsessed with the story and helped her research it. When you see the real life Anna she just isn’t as interesting as they make her out to be in the show. The show was acting like it was watergate level journalism. Also, the NY Post was already covering her arrest before NY magazine wrote that story.

And theft of services for $200k is bad but the tone was like she had stolen $200 million. Wasn’t most of it unpaid hotel bills?

So basically I just watched some bullshit about an unattractive Russian minor level con artist who scammed 3 hotels into letting her stay there for free? And scammed a boring basic editorial assistant friend into paying for a trip to Morocco?


by Anonymousreply 285February 27, 2022 12:43 PM

The last episode is EXCRUCIATINGLY BAD

by Anonymousreply 286February 28, 2022 1:56 AM

[quote]The show was acting like it was watergate level journalism

(Video) Inventing Anna - Honest Netflix Review From a Female Perspective

Funny and true.

by Anonymousreply 287February 28, 2022 2:12 AM

Much of it was fictionalized. But it was fun

by Anonymousreply 288February 28, 2022 3:34 AM

^No it wasn't. It was a gigantic, cringe worthy snore.

by Anonymousreply 289February 28, 2022 4:43 AM

"The last episode is EXCRUCIATINGLY BAD"

I'd say the last two. It should have ended at episode 7 when the story was published and Anna freaks out in her jail cell. Vivian in Germany - episode 8 - is just cringe.

by Anonymousreply 290February 28, 2022 4:55 AM

I'm only 3 episodes in. It's slightly above average but the reporter annoys the fuck out of me. Her performance is terrible and generic. And her appearance also left me confused about her age.

by Anonymousreply 291February 28, 2022 6:01 AM

It's all downhill from there r291

Fuck Shonda Rimes. She took a perfectly good story and ruined it.

by Anonymousreply 292February 28, 2022 7:14 AM

Was it really a perfectly good story though?

by Anonymousreply 293February 28, 2022 7:22 AM

Something about Shonda’s writing irritates me. I can’t articulate it but it’s similar to Aaron Sorkin - like their style of writing takes over no matter what the time period or genre.

Hers screams unpopular high school frau with a chip on her shoulder who now thinks she knows everything about the world and everything about “what makes people tick” from all those years as a brilliant wallflower and is going to show us how clever she is. When in reality no one actually talks like that.

by Anonymousreply 294February 28, 2022 12:29 PM

I really enjoyed it. It lost steam in the last two episodes but it’s still interesting how she bamboozled people into thinking she was rich—and how everyone bends over backwards for the wealthy

by Anonymousreply 295February 28, 2022 12:49 PM

R294 This was my first trip to “Shondaland” and I was unimpressed. Your comparison to Sorkin is spot on—I always hated his work and the “why” became crystallized when he said in an interview that he didn’t create characters, he writes dialogue.

by Anonymousreply 296February 28, 2022 8:24 PM

I can't believe how hard to please everyone is. It was a fun watch. Well, maybe not the reporter's scenes, but the rest was quite entertaining.

by Anonymousreply 297February 28, 2022 8:28 PM

Katie Lowes was barely interesting in Scandal and is such a blah blob here.

by Anonymousreply 298March 1, 2022 1:01 AM

So how much of the story was fabricated or embellished?

Where did she initially get money to create her wealthy image? That question was never answered. She just showed up in expensive clothes, tipping $100 bills left and right, and dined at expensive restaurants.

by Anonymousreply 299March 1, 2022 11:28 AM

I only watched this for Julia Garner. Missed episode 8, but it didn't seem to make a difference. The series was meh and that writer and her pregnancy was annoying as fuck. 4/10

by Anonymousreply 300March 3, 2022 11:03 PM

Katie Lowes is 39 but inexplicably playing a 28 year old (who actually looked even younger in real life).

I don’t know what she has on Shonda Rhimes but what terrible casting.

by Anonymousreply 301March 4, 2022 1:00 AM

Well it wasn't.

Bunch of hype and very boring.

by Anonymousreply 302March 4, 2022 1:37 AM

Julia Garner was awful.

by Anonymousreply 303March 4, 2022 2:30 AM

She really was. She was terrible and so was the My Girl actress and so was the script.

by Anonymousreply 304March 4, 2022 2:38 AM

I don't think Julia Garner was terrible. The real Anna she was based on is so weird.

The My Girl actress did a bit too much of the widening eyes acting. But I can't blame her for the bad plot line, the episode of her going to Germany was a mistake.

Also agree the Rachel actress was looking too old, especially towards the end of the show.

by Anonymousreply 305March 4, 2022 2:47 AM

I thought Julia Garner gave a generous performance. She has the “it” factor. She steals all the scenes she’s in.

by Anonymousreply 306March 4, 2022 3:08 AM

So do they basically put it down to bad parenting the reason Anna turned into a con artist. Seemed a bit too simplistic and cliche to me.

by Anonymousreply 307March 4, 2022 5:38 AM

It was made pretty clear that her father pimped her out...train scene, bag of cash from her tricks.

by Anonymousreply 308March 4, 2022 5:43 AM

Well was that bit true or made up? R308

by Anonymousreply 309March 4, 2022 5:45 AM

r308 r309 I thought that train scene was in the reporter's imagination

by Anonymousreply 310March 4, 2022 5:46 AM

Yes, it was in the reporter's imagination - but I thought that scene was musing about if Anna's father was Russian mafia, not that he was turning his daughter into a baby prostitute.

I didn't think they were implying Anna became a lying grifter because of bad parenting. I think they were saying Anna was born 'off' and the parents from early on never knew what to make of her or what to do. I think she was probably born a sociopath and the parents simply didn't know how to cope so they washed their hands of her.

by Anonymousreply 311March 4, 2022 12:37 PM

This was number one for weeks and was sitting at number three yesterday, so it’s done very well for Netflix.

by Anonymousreply 312March 4, 2022 12:44 PM

[quote]So do they basically put it down to bad parenting the reason Anna turned into a con artist. Seemed a bit too simplistic and cliche to me.

I think they made a point of dispelling that notion by humanizing the parents. They were claiming that Anna was just a bad seed.

I wasn't sure if Anna being a mule for cash (and the ludicrous scene with the soda in the very expensive wine at the restaurant) was something Anna made up and told the reporter or something the reporter imagined.

by Anonymousreply 313March 4, 2022 12:50 PM

Netflix hasn't had a quality show in a long time - outside of international stuff. Can anyone think of an American made show that's been really good on Netflix recently?

by Anonymousreply 314March 4, 2022 1:39 PM

I like it. great distraction from Covid and everything awful happening in the world right now. Pure escapism.

by Anonymousreply 315March 4, 2022 3:18 PM

How long are you talking about R314? Queen's Gambit came out two years ago and it was great.

by Anonymousreply 316March 4, 2022 3:35 PM

I guess within the last 2 years? That's a pretty significant amount of time.

by Anonymousreply 317March 4, 2022 3:39 PM

R317. I enjoyed Archive 81 but I'm not sure I would say it's really good. Just fairly decent.

Otherwise nothing I've seen.

by Anonymousreply 318March 4, 2022 3:43 PM

R306, she played the title character and stole every scene she was in?

by Anonymousreply 319March 4, 2022 4:35 PM

Actually, Julia wasn't in a lot of the show. It focused just as much as the pregnant wildly unlikable frau journalist who became obsessed with the story.

If we were to see the actual breakdown of scenes/characters, I wouldn't be surprised if the title character was in less of the show than the journalist. The journalist completely took over - which is one of the reasons the series sucked so bad. Also the boring and poorly casted secondary characters.

I liked Julia Garner - her accent was all over the place but she's incredibly watchable and her line readings made me laugh. She's the only reason to watch this mess.

by Anonymousreply 320March 4, 2022 5:34 PM

"casted" ??????

by Anonymousreply 321March 4, 2022 5:41 PM

I know R321. OH DEAR. You're right and I'm lol'ing. So bad.

by Anonymousreply 322March 4, 2022 5:44 PM

Anybody watching The Stranger?

by Anonymousreply 323March 4, 2022 7:25 PM

No, but I’m watching the Dropout, which obviously has many parallels. Amanda is nailing it too!

by Anonymousreply 324March 4, 2022 10:34 PM

Yes I read a tweet from Sam Griesman that said the Dropout is achieving what Inventing Anna didn't.


by Anonymousreply 325March 4, 2022 11:09 PM

“The wiiiirrrrrerrrrr transfer is on the waaaaaaaay!”

Offsite Link

by Anonymousreply 326March 6, 2022 11:36 AM

That was funny and cute, R326.

by Anonymousreply 327March 6, 2022 11:30 PM

That clip was funny, and actually it underscores why Anna is a unique and fairly fascinating character. “Delvey-ing” indeed.

by Anonymousreply 328March 7, 2022 1:14 AM

That was amazing R326. Everyone I know is obsessed with Anna and her accent and Chloe Fineman for that matter, I watched it twice.

"That's a metro card"!

by Anonymousreply 329March 7, 2022 6:25 AM

[quote]I like it. great distraction from Covid and everything awful happening in the world right now. Pure escapism

Covid? LOL. R315, it's 2022.....not 2020. Time to take off the hazmat suit, leave the house and get some fresh air.

by Anonymousreply 330March 7, 2022 8:29 AM

I tried watching "The Dropout" last night and was bored to tears. I fell asleep shortly after she dropped out. Don't even bother.

Team Delvey!

by Anonymousreply 331March 7, 2022 12:14 PM

The acting in The Dropout is barely a step above Inventing Anna, and WHM is difficult to look at. I thought it impossible he could look worse than as Frank Gallagher.

by Anonymousreply 332March 7, 2022 2:43 PM

lol r331 - fair enough but at least the dropout doesn't have a pregnant screaming frau assaulting our eyes and ears.

team delvey but not team VIVIAN.

by Anonymousreply 333March 7, 2022 2:51 PM

Inventing Anna was riveting. I binged the whole thing from beginning to end. She was such a bitch and the perfect con artist. I loved that it was a true story and that she got caught! Shonda is a master storyteller!

by Anonymousreply 334March 7, 2022 2:58 PM

Shonda’s publicity team is still hard at work I see.

by Anonymousreply 335March 7, 2022 3:35 PM

R334 is easily entertained......and delusional.

by Anonymousreply 336March 7, 2022 4:23 PM

R335 / R336 Have you even seen it or do you have some sick hatred of anything "Shonda Rimes" like a couple other dingbats up the thread?

It is a good show. You should try it before having a knee-jerk reaction.

by Anonymousreply 337March 7, 2022 4:46 PM

[quote]I don't understand why the focus is on the reporter and not on Anna. I don't care about the reporter, who is very unlikable.

Because Shonda Rhimes still thinks that she's producing soapy dreck for ABC, which demands that every show have a plucky professional heroine trying to make it in a man's world. This story could have been told so much more adroitly and stylishly by a real writer who understands how to do crime drama as social commentary. But Netflix is paying 9 figures for Shonda (shout-out to your increased subscription fees!) so this sophomoric crap is what we get instead. I didn't make it past the first episode.

by Anonymousreply 338March 7, 2022 5:06 PM

R337. Uh, yes. I tried to watch it. Made it through a few episodes, cringing mostly. It's unwatchable.

by Anonymousreply 339March 7, 2022 11:16 PM

Can we send her back to Russia?

by Anonymousreply 340March 7, 2022 11:17 PM

I had trouble remembering which brunette was which.

by Anonymousreply 341March 11, 2022 10:14 PM

I imagine the real Anna is quite frustrated at her bad timing.

Imagine the scams she could have pulled off by screaming about how the sanctions are keeping the bank from releasing her millions and as soon as this stupid war is over you’ll get your money OK?!

by Anonymousreply 342March 11, 2022 10:53 PM

That's a good point, R342. I'd say let Chloe from SNL play that arc but someone would probably claim it's insensitive.

by Anonymousreply 343March 11, 2022 11:02 PM

I never got into Shonda Rhimes' network shows, Gray's Anatomy should have been put out to pasture 8 years ago. But I have to admit Bridgerton and Inventing Anna I enjoyed.

by Anonymousreply 344March 13, 2022 7:03 PM

Oops r344 again, it's actually Grey's Anatomy and I didn't realize it has been on for 18 seasons. Enough!

by Anonymousreply 345March 13, 2022 7:04 PM

Will she be able to talk her way up to a first class seat on the plane? “My father has wired the money already!”

Offsite Link

by Anonymousreply 346March 14, 2022 11:29 PM

Her face and body are actually quite peasant like.

by Anonymousreply 347March 15, 2022 12:10 AM

Russian Whore!

by Anonymousreply 348March 15, 2022 5:48 AM

I think Anna is amusing, but her 15 are just about up. She’ll be a fun WHET in the future.

by Anonymousreply 349March 16, 2022 9:51 AM

[quote]The fact we saw the trifecta of recent day grifting (Anna, the Fyre Fest guy, Martin Schkreli) all orbiting each other in NY was kind of funny. I guess like attracts like.

That's why the ending threw me so much. Are we meant to be cheering those assholes on the same way Anna was getting a hero edit? I wasn't too familiar with the story before watching this so I didn't know how things ended but that last episode felt completely out of left field.

On a side note I'm sure he'll be dismissed as average white guy but Christopher Lowell who played Noah in the Morocco episode was so sexy to me. Do we know anything about him?

by Anonymousreply 350March 16, 2022 9:48 PM

Her mean jailmates were telling her she’s a really bad criminal. I wish Orange is the New Black was still on so she could guest star as herself. “Piper, my father is wiring money into my commissary account, I assure You I am good for it!”

by Anonymousreply 351March 16, 2022 9:52 PM

Christopher Lowell was good on GLOW. I was bummed it was canceled.

by Anonymousreply 352March 26, 2022 10:44 PM

Loved it! “I do not have time for you!”

by Anonymousreply 353March 26, 2022 10:50 PM

Intrigued by the show, I got Rachel DeLoache Williams' book out of the library. It was a quick read. I felt bad for her. Seems like a nice girl, a pleaser type, easy mark for the likes of psycho Anna. I don't blame her for cashing in, or for being pissed off about her depiction in the series. By the way, that scene in the show where Neff gets aggressive and threatens her was...interesting. Rachel's book doesn't mention it, barely mentions Neff. I wonder if it really happened or if it was just a nasty little indulgence on Shonda's part.

by Anonymousreply 354March 27, 2022 3:38 PM

I have Rachel's book on Audible. I bought when the Anna Delvey scandal came out a few years ago and then had a relisten after watching the series. I don't care for her. I just don't buy her naïveté and martyr syndrome. Sorry bitch, I am not buying that you joined Anna at her expense for infrared saunas, $300 personal training sessions, daily breakfast at Le Coucou wearing sweatpants all on Anna's dime "because you felt sorry for her and she seemed lonely". If anything, Rachel made out like a bandit. AmEx refunded the charges that she willingly put on her card. She got all the above, in addition to the free 5 star trip to Marrakech on AmEx, plus a book deal. She comes off as a spoiled, whiny, JAP.

by Anonymousreply 355March 27, 2022 5:00 PM

I liked the guy who played Anna's lawyer.

by Anonymousreply 356March 27, 2022 5:01 PM

This is still #4 on Netflix. They’re getting their money’s worth out of it.

by Anonymousreply 357April 1, 2022 3:58 AM

I'm late to the party and just finished watching it the other night. I thought it was pretty good, but I feel like Shonda really missed a good opportunity to really dig into that culture and investigate it more fully; it seemed more interested in portraying the lifestyles of the fabulously wealthy than really going into why and how Sorokin was able to pull this whole thing off. Like someone mentioned above, the constant glitz and glam just seemed really unrealistic, so constantly showcasing that just feel flat in my view. My interest into the story really was how this girl, who came from basically nothing was able to manipulate and play all these people.

by Anonymousreply 358April 5, 2022 2:44 AM

I actually have a friend and past colleague who works for Goldman and I talked with him after the articles on her had come out. While he never interacted with her personally, he knew of some of the people involved in the banking side of her schemes. His take, based on what he heard from people who knew what had happened, was that the whole story, including what was relayed in the articles that came out, was highly sensationalized and exaggerated. While she certainly tried to get her grubby hands on money, the stories making her out to be some mastermind criminal and fooling banks was largely untrue. He said that she would never have been on any kind of track to get a multi-million dollar loan, especially for something as risky as a high-end social club. And any money she got from the bank would have been more due to meeting bureaucratic formalities than her masterfully hoodwinking high-end institutions. She was just like any rat applying for credit that she could never pay back, but she did know how to get around some of the initial hurdles. But the idea of her walking into some big shot's offices, making demands and behaving the way that she was portrayed as acting would never have worked and most likely didn't happen.

by Anonymousreply 359April 5, 2022 10:35 AM

Watching that 60 Minutes clip up thread, it’s clear this is in no way over. She’s a raging malignant narcissist and they never stop (see Trump, Donald). They’re impossible to cure and always searching for a mark. I completely understand why her family shut her out.

Speaking of her family, that episode was a tiresome mess. I hated that translator with her simpering smile and wardrobe straight out of 1990s Berlin. She and Vivian together were my limit. I ended up doing chores while that episode ran.

And what was that incident in the deli? We were supposed to be outraged that the owner found Russians and Turks problematic in business dealings? Like they weren’t a product of their corrupt homeland environments and what he said was akin to a vicious racial slur? Maybe I should watch that segment again (but I won’t, because that would be torture).

by Anonymousreply 360April 16, 2022 6:11 PM

The Berlin episode was a total throwaway.

by Anonymousreply 361April 16, 2022 7:11 PM

The music was excruciatingly terrible. All this commercial spunky sounding fake rap.

by Anonymousreply 362August 14, 2022 2:11 AM

Did Anna really know Pharma Bro and Fyre Festival douche?

Or was this envisioned only in Shondaland?

by Anonymousreply 363August 14, 2022 2:39 AM

Very exclusive, very VIP. I don't have time for you bitches.

by Anonymousreply 364August 14, 2022 7:38 AM

R363 yes she did know both of them and actually crashed on Frye douches coach for awhile. Birds of a feather……

by Anonymousreply 365August 15, 2022 10:49 PM

Grifters grift to survive. It's their way of living and survival. Billy McFarland (Fyre Festival), mentioned in previous comments, kept trying to pull off new schemes after the Fyre Festival fiasco while officially being investigated.

For us it looks like they are digging themselves deeper, but for them it's their attempt to dig themselves out of the mess (all I need is one scheme / grift going well). Just like gamblers (all I need is one win to recoup my losses!).

by Anonymousreply 366August 15, 2022 11:18 PM

She’s been in an ICE facility awaiting deportation for overstaying her visa for awhile now, although her instagram says ‘Orange County Correctional Facility.’ She has 1M instagram followers including me, I love her crazy ass for some reason. She sells NFTs and her “art” from jail.

Offsite Link

by Anonymousreply 367August 15, 2022 11:25 PM
(Video) Inventing Anna: Complete Truth VS Total Fiction |⭐ OSSA


How accurate is Inventing Anna on Netflix? ›

While much of the plot is true, some events are stretched or made up—and some aren't even as strange as the truth.

Is Inventing Anna a hit? ›

Popular on Variety. Netflix's “Inventing Anna” picked up steam post-premiere, jumping to No. 1 on Nielsen's Top 10 streaming rankings in its second week after launching on Netflix. The Julia Garner-led limited series from Shonda Rhimes ended up tripling its audience to 3.3 billion minutes watched during the week of Feb ...

Why does Inventing Anna talk like that? ›

Julia Garner as Anna Delvey in episode 4 of Inventing Anna. "She is very gifted in languages and dialects that she convinced people that she was from Germany. First, I had to learn a German accent. German is very much like a vocal fry at the end of everything.

How much did Netflix pay Anna so? ›

Her scheme came to a screeching halt in 2017 when she was arrested for grand-larceny charges and found guilty in 2019. Of the $320,000 Sorokin received from Netflix she paid 199,000 in restitution, $24,000 in state fines, and $75,000 in attorney fees.

Where is Anna Sorokin today? ›

Released from prison in 2021 on parole, Sorokin is now being held in a New York county jail by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), awaiting deportation.

Where is Anna Delvey today? ›

Delvey was released from prison on good behavior on February 11, 2021 after serving nearly four years. In March 2021, six weeks after her release, she was taken back into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for overstaying her visa, and she remained in ICE custody in upstate New York for a year.

How old is Anna Delvey now? ›

Where is the real Inventing Anna today? ›

Anna Sorokin is launching an art exhibit

Now, Sorokin — who served four years in prison before being placed in an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention at a New York facility last year — appears to be capitalizing on her popularity.

How many languages did Anna Delvey speak? ›

Anna Delvey on Twitter: "Speak 4 languages in 6 voices" / Twitter.

Does Inventing Anna have any truth? ›

Inventing Anna tells the incredible true story of Sorokin, a twentysomething socialite who successfully posed as a rich German heiress under the name Anna Delvey in New York City, and her associates.

Is Inventing Anna really Russian? ›

She was born in Russia and moved to Germany with her family as a teenager. Her father first worked as a driver for a trucking company in Russia which went under, after which he started a heating and cooling business in Germany.

Is any of Inventing Anna true? ›

Inventing Anna tells the incredible true story of Sorokin, a twentysomething socialite who successfully posed as a rich German heiress under the name Anna Delvey in New York City, and her associates.

Did Nora really invent Anna? ›

According to Netflix Queue, Anna Sorokin allegedly charged over $40,000 in shopping expenses to a former friend and mentor's credit cards. However, there's no proof that Agnes Gund is the friend who is portrayed as Nora Radford in Inventing Anna. As mentioned in the Netflix series, Nora wished to remain anonymous.

Is the lawyer in Inventing Anna real? ›

Is Todd in Inventing Anna real? Inventing Anna is a fictionalized account of Delvey's exploits, and thereby Todd, her attorney in the series, is a fictional character—but he is based on a real-life person, and he did, in fact, quote Frank Sinatra during Delvey's trial.


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