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After analyzing your case study’s problem and suggesting possible courses of action, you’re now ready to conclude it on a high note.

But first, you need to write your recommendation to address the problem. In this article, we will guide you on how to make a recommendation in a case study.

Table of Contents

  • What Is Recommendation in Case Study?
  • What Is the Purpose of Recommendation in the Case Study?
  • How To Write Recommendation in Case Study
    • 1. Review Your Case Study’s Problem
    • 2. Assess Your Case Study’s Alternative Courses of Action
    • 3. Pick Your Case Study’s Best Alternative Course of Action
    • 4. Explain in Detail Why You Recommend Your Preferred Course of Action
  • Examples of Recommendations in Case Study
  • Tips and Warnings
  • References

What Is Recommendation in Case Study?

How To Make Recommendation in Case Study (With Examples) | FilipiKnow (1)

The Recommendation details your most preferred solution for your case study’s problem.

After identifying and analyzing the problem, your next step is to suggest potential solutions. You did this in the Alternative Courses of Action (ACA) section. Once you’re done writing your ACAs, you need to pick which among these ACAs is the best. The chosen course of action will be the one you’re writing in the recommendation section.

The Recommendation portion also provides a thorough justification for selecting your most preferred solution.

Notice how a recommendation in a case study differs from a recommendation in a research paper. In the latter, the recommendation tells your reader some potential studies that can be performed in the future to support your findings or to explore factors that you’re unable to cover.

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What Is the Purpose of Recommendation in the Case Study?

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Your main goal in writing a case study is not only to understand the case at hand but also to think of a feasible solution. However, there are multiple ways to approach an issue. Since it’s impossible to implement all these solutions at once, you only need to pick the best one.

The Recommendation portion tells the readers which among the potential solutions is best to implement given the constraints of an organization or business. This section allows you to introduce, defend, and explain this optimal solution.

How To Write Recommendation in Case Study

1. Review Your Case Study’s Problem

How To Make Recommendation in Case Study (With Examples) | FilipiKnow (3)

You cannot recommend a solution if you are unable to grasp your case study’s issue. Make sure that you’re aware of the problem as well as the viewpoint from which you want to analyze it.

2. Assess Your Case Study’s Alternative Courses of Action

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Once you’ve fully grasped your case study’s problem, it’s time to suggest some feasible solutions to address it. A separate section of your manuscript called the Alternative Courses of Action (ACA) is dedicated to discussing these potential solutions.

Afterward, you need to evaluate each ACA by identifying its respective advantages and disadvantages.

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3. Pick Your Case Study’s Best Alternative Course of Action

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After evaluating each proposed ACA, pick the one you’ll recommend to address the problem. All alternatives have their pros and cons so you must use your discretion in picking the best among these ACAs.

To help you decide which ACA to pick, here are some factors to consider:

  • Realistic: The organization must have sufficient knowledge, expertise, resources, and manpower to execute the recommended solution.
  • Economical: The recommended solution must be cost-effective.
  • Legal: The recommended solution must adhere to applicable laws.
  • Ethical: The recommended solution must not have moral repercussions.
  • Timely: The recommended solution can be executed within the expected timeframe.

You may also use a decision matrix to assist you in picking the best ACA1 . This matrix allows you to rank the ACAs based on your criteria. Please refer to our examples in the next section for an example of a Recommendation formed using a decision matrix.

4. Explain in Detail Why You Recommend Your Preferred Course of Action

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Provide your justifications for why you recommend your preferred solution. You can also explain why other alternatives are not chosen2.

Examples of Recommendations in Case Study

How To Make Recommendation in Case Study (With Examples) | FilipiKnow (7)
(Video) 2.2.5. Youtube Recommendation System Case Study: Overview

To help you understand how to make recommendations in a case study, let’s take a look at some examples below.

Example 1

Case Study Problem: Lemongate Hotel is facing an overwhelming increase in the number of reservations due to a sudden implementation of a Local Government policy that boosts the city’s tourism. Although Lemongate Hotel has a sufficient area to accommodate the influx of tourists, the management is wary of the potential decline in the hotel’s quality of service while striving to meet the sudden increase in reservations.

Alternative Courses of Action:

  • ACA 1: Relax hiring qualifications to employ more hotel employees to ensure that sufficient human resources can provide quality hotel service
  • ACA 2: Increase hotel reservation fees and other costs as a response to the influx of tourists demanding hotel accommodation
  • ACA 3: Reduce privileges and hotel services enjoyed by each customer so that hotel employees will not be overwhelmed by the increase in accommodations.


Upon analysis of the problem, it is recommended to implement ACA 1. Among all suggested ACAs, this option is the easiest to execute with the minimal cost required. It will not also impact potential profits and customers’ satisfaction with hotel service.

Meanwhile, implementing ACA 2 might discourage customers from making reservations due to higher fees and look for other hotels as substitutes. It is also not recommended to do ACA 3 because reducing hotel services and privileges offered to customers might harm the hotel’s public reputation in the long run.

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The first paragraph of our sample recommendation specifies what ACA is best to implement and why.

Meanwhile, the succeeding paragraphs explain that ACA 2 and ACA 3 are not optimal solutions due to some of their limitations and potential negative impacts on the organization.

Example 2 (with Decision Matrix)

Case Study: Last week, Pristine Footwear released its newest sneakers model for women – “Flightless.” However, the management noticed that “Flightless” had a mediocre sales performance in the previous week. For this reason, “Flightless” might be pulled out in the next few months. The management must decide on the fate of “Flightless” with Pristine Footwear’s financial performance in mind.

Alternative Courses of Action:

  • ACA 1: Revamp “Flightless” marketing by hiring celebrities/social media influencers to promote the product
  • ACA 2: Improve the “Flightless” current model by tweaking some features to fit current style trends
  • ACA 3: Sell “Flightless” at a lower price to encourage more customers
  • ACA 4: Stop production of “Flightless” after a couple of weeks to cut losses

Decision Matrix

CriteriaACA 1ACA 2ACA 3ACA 4
Cost and Resource Efficiency1243
Ease of Implementation1234
Time frame2143
Impact to profitability3421


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Based on the decision matrix above3, the best course of action that Pristine Wear, Inc. must employ is ACA 3 or selling “Flightless” shoes at lower prices to encourage more customers. This solution can be implemented immediately without the need for an excessive amount of financial resources. Since lower prices entice customers to purchase more, “Flightless” sales might perform better given a reduction in its price.

In this example, the recommendation was formed with the help of a decision matrix. Each ACA was given a score of between 1 – 4 for each criterion. Note that the criterion used depends on the priorities of an organization, so there’s no standardized way to make this matrix.

Meanwhile, the recommendation we’ve made here consists of only one paragraph. Although the matrix already revealed that ACA 3 tops the selection, we still provided a clear explanation of why it is the best.

Tips and Warnings

  • Recommend with persuasion4. You may use data and statistics to back up your claim. Another option is to show that your preferred solution fits your theoretical knowledge about the case. For instance, if your recommendation involves reducing prices to entice customers to buy higher quantities of your products, you may invoke the “law of demand”5 as a theoretical foundation of your recommendation.
  • Be prepared to make an implementation plan. Some case study formats require an implementation plan integrated with your recommendation. Basically, the implementation plan provides a thorough guide on how to execute your chosen solution (e.g., a step-by-step plan with a schedule).


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How do you write a recommendation in a case study example? ›

The recommendations part should focus on the specific solution that should be adopted to address the entailed problems. You should explain how the solution solves the problem and if possible propose further action to help improve the situation under study. You should also explain what should be avoided.

How do you write a recommendation and conclusion for a case study? ›

The conclusion of a case study comprises of the following important steps:
  1. Look out for the logical connections.
  2. Make sure your conclusion has a direct link to your introduction.
  3. Keep the basic logic in mind.
  4. Encourage the reader to draw their own conclusions.
  5. Provide recommendations.
  6. Conclusions should be definite.

What is the purpose of recommendation in conducting a case study? ›

Recommendations. Determine and discuss specific strategies for accomplishing the proposed solution. If applicable, recommend further action to resolve some of the issues.

How do I make a recommendation? ›

General Tips for Recommendation Letters
  1. Consider the Request Thoughtfully. ...
  2. Clarify the Purpose. ...
  3. Get the Details. ...
  4. Verify Relevant Skills. ...
  5. Cover Key Traits. ...
  6. Keep It Simple. ...
  7. Be Sincere and Truthful. ...
  8. Proofread Carefully.

What are examples of recommendation? ›

It's my absolute pleasure to recommend [Name] for [position] with [Company]. [Name] and I [relationship] at [Company] for [length of time]. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with [Name], and came to know [him/her/them] as a truly valuable asset to our team.

What is Recommendation report example? ›

A recommendation report is written to propose or recommend the options available to solve a problem or fill a need. The goal of the report is to compare options, recommend one option, and support that recommendation. While cost is always a consideration, there are other considerations as well.

How do you explain a recommendation in research? ›

Recommendations should be one-sentence, succinct, and start with an action verb (create, establish, fund, facilitate, coordinate, etc.). They should use a “SMART” format (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely). Each recommendation should be followed by a few sentences of explanatory text.

What comes first conclusion or recommendations? ›

It/'s conclusions and then recommendations. I was taught to do it in this way in my business coursework, as you're summing up what you have found and then stating the actions you would take.

How do you write a final recommendation? ›

You can write a recommendation report with the following steps:
  1. Choose a topic. ...
  2. Collect research. ...
  3. Write your executive summary. ...
  4. Write your problem statement. ...
  5. Write your solution paragraphs. ...
  6. Include your evaluation criteria. ...
  7. Discuss your final recommendation. ...
  8. Compile your works cited.
13 Jul 2021

Why do we need 3 letters of recommendation? ›

Most employers ask job candidates for at least three career references. Therefore, it's a good idea for job seekers to have at least three recommendation letters on hand. Generally, employment recommendation letters include information about employment history, job performance, work ethic, and personal accomplishments.

In what form should the recommendation be written? ›

Use a business letter format using a twelve point font size in either Arial or Times New Roman. Write your letter on your business or organization letterhead if possible. The recipient likely reads dozens if not hundreds of letters, so keep yours concise and to the point. Aim for at least one page but no more than two.

What should I say in a recommendation? ›

A recommendation letter should include information on who you are, your connection with the person you are recommending, why they are qualified, and the specific skills they have. Specifics. Whenever possible, it's helpful to provide specific anecdotes and examples that illustrate your support.

How do I write a quick recommendation? ›

Tips for Writing The Recommendation
  1. State Your Professional Relationship. Don't be afraid to start with an eye-catching opener. ...
  2. Highlight Their Skills. ...
  3. Don't Be Afraid to Add a Personal Touch. ...
  4. Reaffirm the Recommendation. ...
  5. Don't Make it Too Lengthy.
18 Mar 2022

What is recommendation system with example? ›

Loosely defined, a recommender system is a system which predicts ratings a user might give to a specific item. These predictions will then be ranked and returned back to the user. They're used by various large name companies like Google, Instagram, Spotify, Amazon, Reddit, Netflix etc.

What is a recommendation summary? ›

A recommendation report proposes multiple potential solutions to a problem and concludes by recommending the best one. Compared to white papers, recommendation reports are more overtly persuasive, since they make a final recommendation that is informed by research and evidence.

How recommendation report are written? ›

Writing a recommendation report usually involves describing a situation, evaluating possible alternatives and proposing a solution to a problem. The final report should include clear, precise and evidence-based fndings and recommendations.

What is the structure of a recommendation report? ›

A recommendation report is a paper that compares two or more products or solutions, and makes a recommendation about which is the best option. It includes seven parts: the introduction, background information, requirements, options, category-by-category comparisons, conclusions, and, finally, the recommendation.

What is recommendation and conclusion in research? ›

In the Conclusions and Recommendations section (typically Chapter V of a thesis), you present your interpretation of the results given in Results Section (Usually Chapter IV). You also draw conclusions from your analysis of those results and then make recommendations based on your analysis.

Where do you put recommendations in a research paper? ›

Note Recommendations are generally included both in your conclusion (briefly) and in your discussion section. However, if your research is more business-oriented or practical in nature, you can also present them in a separate chapter or advisory report.

Should recommendations have references? ›

Yes, sometimes in the conclusion part also. However, references must be used where it is required, unwanted/irrelevant references invite comments from the reviewers/experts.

How long should a conclusion and recommendation be? ›

The introduction and conclusion should both be approximately 10% of the overall essay word count. For example, if you write a 1500 word essay, your introduction and conclusion will be around 150 words each.

How do you fake a letter of recommendation? ›

The two main methods of faking letters of reference are 1) writing a fake letter from a real source and 2) writing a fake letter from a fake source.
  1. Faking grades or forging a transcript is very difficult and a student trying this is usually caught.
  2. Faking an SAT Score or similar is effectively impossible.

How long should a recommendation letter be? ›

The length and submission of a recommendation letter

The recommendation letter should be no more than two pages in length. Although a recommendation letter is more about quality than quantity, a letter containing only a few sentences is not recommended.

Do you need 2 letters of recommendation? ›

Students generally ask, “How many recommendation letters do I need to get into college?” The answer usually varies depending on the university. Typically, it's best to have one professional and one academic reference letter. Some universities may ask for three or more.

How do I present my recommendations? ›

We'll introduce a simple three-step process: suggest, demonstrate, and elaborate. This method can be applied to any recommendation you make.
Three steps: suggest, demonstrate, elaborate
  1. Suggest. Paint a clear picture of how things are.
  2. Demonstrate. ...
  3. Elaborate.
23 Nov 2020

What are the two forms of recommendation? ›

References & Letters of Recommendation
  • Employment recommendation- most often written by a previous or current employer for the purpose of obtaining employment. ...
  • Academic recommendation- written by a teacher or professor for the purpose of getting accepted into a school (undergraduate and graduate).

How do you start a sentence with a recommendation? ›

"My teacher made a recommendation for a good tutor." "The committee issued several recommendations." "We followed his recommendations." "They ignored my recommendation."

How do you recommend something? ›

Another common way to give a suggestion or recommendation is to use the word "could". "Could" is much softer and more indirect than using "should".
I suggest/recommend + gerund/noun...
  1. I suggest going to Europe in the summer.
  2. I recommend trying that Mexican restaurant.
  3. She recommends trying meditation to relieve stress.

Does case study have recommendations? ›

Anyone conducting a case analysis can use evidence to propose viable solutions to business problems, then provide recommendations on the best way to implement these solutions to produce the desired results.

How do you write a recommendation sentence? ›

Example Sentences

My boss wrote me a glowing letter of recommendation. Employees are frequently hired on the recommendation of a friend in the company. The report made very specific recommendations for policy reform. The committee's recommendation to hire a new director has been well received.

What is the recommendation of a study? ›

They are specific suggestions that you make with regard to further research on the topic. For instance, you can make recommendations on subsequent research that can be conducted, especially, if there is an interest in generalizing the findings beyond the study's parameters.

What are the 5 parts of recommendation letter? ›

What to Include in a Letter of Recommendation
  • Context. ...
  • Specifics. ...
  • A match between the position's requirements and the candidate's skills. ...
  • Writer Name and Address. ...
  • Salutation. ...
  • Paragraph 1 – Introduction. ...
  • Paragraph 2 – Details. ...
  • Paragraph 3 – Summary.
5 Nov 2020

How do I give a recommendation to a student? ›

How to write a recommendation letter for a student
  1. Ask the student for academic information. ...
  2. Address your letter accordingly. ...
  3. Introduce yourself and your qualifications. ...
  4. Include details about your academic relationship with the student. ...
  5. Highlight the student's qualifications with examples. ...
  6. Conclude your letter.

How do you write a response to a case study? ›

How to write a case study response
  1. Introduction. Introduce the main purpose of the case study and briefly outline the overall problem to be solved.
  2. Description. Write a brief description of the case under discussion giving an outline of the main issues involved. ...
  3. Discussion. ...
  4. Conclusion / Recommendations.
10 Feb 2022

How do you write a strong recommendation? ›

  1. Decide whether you can write a good letter for the applicant. ...
  2. It is OK to say no. ...
  3. Request as much information as possible before you begin writing. ...
  4. Do some research. ...
  5. Set aside ample time. ...
  6. Be specific. ...
  7. Avoid cliché descriptors and platitudes. ...
  8. Organize the letter chronologically or thematically.
2 Dec 2016

What makes a good recommendation explain your answer? ›

Components of a Recommendation Letter

A paragraph or sentence that explains how you know this person and the duration of your relationship with them. An evaluation of the person and their skills/accomplishments. If possible offer specific examples that illustrate the person's strengths and qualifications.

How do you write a recommendation for a topic? ›

You can write a recommendation report with the following steps:
  1. Choose a topic. ...
  2. Collect research. ...
  3. Write your executive summary. ...
  4. Write your problem statement. ...
  5. Write your solution paragraphs. ...
  6. Include your evaluation criteria. ...
  7. Discuss your final recommendation. ...
  8. Compile your works cited.
13 Jul 2021

What should I say in a good recommendation? ›

As you write your letter, make sure it does the following:
  • #1: Explains Why You're Qualified to Recommend the Candidate. ...
  • #2: Customized to the New Position. ...
  • #3: Uses Specific Examples and Anecdotes. ...
  • Use an Official Format. ...
  • Start with a Strong Opener. ...
  • Include Two to Three Specific Examples.
11 Jan 2020


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