Evil Tortilla Games (2023)

Who's Your Daddy is a casual multiplayer game featuring a clueless father attempting to prevent his infant son from certain death. Play with up to 7 of your friends (online and local), and test your parenting skills in a competitive setup with wacky physics and over 67 potentially ominous household items.


Who’s Your Daddy?! is available on Steam (PC & Mac OS) and Xbox

(Video) The Big Unfinished Summer Update - Last Part: New outdoors & THE BEAR 🐻!

Play Who’s Your Daddy?! For free

Play the new Who’s Your Daddy?! on Steam while for free while it’s being developed - simply head to our Steam Page and request access. If you already own the original Who’s Your Daddy on Steam, you will automatically get permanently access to the new Who’s Your Daddy?! remake.

(Video) The Big Unfinished Summer Update Part 1.

(Video) Who's Your Daddy?! NIGHTMARE! Halloween update - Spooky skins, bat wings and other tricks or treats!
(Video) October 2021 Playtest Update Trailer - Daddy's Nightmare!


1. Ho Ho Ho! The Christmas update AND Basement update is out now!
(Evil Tortilla Games Incorporated)
2. Who's Your Daddy?! New, OG, Realistic & Modded Characters
(Evil Tortilla Games Incorporated)
3. Who's Your Daddy ITEM EVENT ROUND 2: Baby Disably, Fudge the Bulldog and Laser Pen
(Evil Tortilla Games Incorporated)
4. September 2021 Playtest Update Trailer - New items and more rooms!
(Evil Tortilla Games Incorporated)
5. Who's Your Daddy ITEM EVENT ROUND 1: Milk, Camera & Tablet, Meatball and Restrainy
(Evil Tortilla Games Incorporated)
6. WHO'S YOUR DADDY?! coming to XBOX Game Preview 5th of January!
(Evil Tortilla Games Incorporated)
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